Family Session: Brassell Family

Charis Brassell has been a tremendous support in my growth as a photographer. She has allowed me to practice working with children by taking pictures of her own daughter and just recently asked me to take pictures of her family. It was a priviledge! Thank you so much Brassell Family for this opportunity! It means the world! :)


Creative Session: Katie Lea

Katie Lea is an amazing young woman in which I have had the priviledge of getting know over the past few years through a multitude of things. Katie and I have been attending the same college for a few years now and in addition to that, we have been a part of the Baptist Campus Ministry together. Also, my husband and I are now attending the same church as Katie! Yay!

During this session, Katie was awesome enough to come to my house last minute and help me experiment with indoor lighting. Thank you Katie!


God remains Faithful

2 Timothy 2:13 - God remains faithful even when we are faithless.

How amazing is that! Our God remains faithful even when we fail to trust Him.