Creative Session // Devon

Okay, so the last post was all about what Devon and I did yesterday. Well, this is also about what we did yesterday. Haha! 

We were planning to do a session tomorrow (today: it's 1:30 a.m.) morning but decided that it would also be fun to do a mini-session tonight using whatever light sources we can find. Our last resort being: to work on using direct flash. I don't like flash. It's just so...flashy. ;) So pardon but some of these pictures are kind of harsh, simply because of the lighting and my hesitance to use my flash. (However, I eventually used my flash because it was so dark that I couldn't even see her through my camera!)

Thank you Devon!

Enjoy folks!

Many blessings!

That's What Friends Are For

I have spent a lot of my summer vacation either cleaning, editing or doing well, nothing. Bummer. That is the consequence of living in a small town. Don't get me wrong, I love my home and I love all the people I have come to know here, but let me tell you...Wal-Mart gets boring after a while! This town comes alive a little more during the school year, being a college town and all, but during the's so quiet! Then once and a while you remember one or two people that are still here in town doing nothing all day long ALSO!

Well, Devon's not one of those. Haha! She has a full-time job along with summer classes. She's doing a good job keeping herself busy during this "summer break." However, once out of work she sometimes gets bored, really bored...and that's where I come in.

I make her help me with my crafts!

Elmer's Glue + Water = frosty glass jars... Yay! 
You should have seen how hers turned out! Haha! We stood there and laughed for a minute or three.
We made these with the mason jars that hold all my utensils! I can't wait to show the finished products to you!
Yay for open shelves! ♥
I also tried to make glitter right before she came. Apparently you can bake any type of salt at 350 degrees (I used table salt because I couldn't find our Epsom Salt) and use it as glitter! Cool, huh?! I put green food coloring in one bowl of salt. It turned out blue though, hm. Oh well.

Oh yea, we watched The Tale of Desperaux while getting creative! I ♥ that movie!

My dogs favorite spot to lay...wherever I'm standing. (That's the blue salt while I was stirring in the green food coloring.)
Making cheese-y bites! Yum! (Courtesy of Devon)
Trying to get Riley to sit and stay while Devon takes a picture of her. (Courtesy of Devon.)

My cute little puppy wuppy! ♥ She's becoming better behaved every day.

Enjoy your weekend folks! I know I will!


A Little Paint

My husband and I had a free day yesterday. He sacrificed his own desires and offered to do crafts with me. :) I seriously love him! However, I tried to make a new t-shirt out of one of his old ones and I failed miserably. I blame it on the dog, who comfortably sat on top of the shirt the entire time I was trying to re-do it. :) Afterwards I just decided to paint on one of my canvases. (I kinda suck at painting.) It turned out better than the shirt, though! Chris printed out a few decals to use on one of his shirts and his disc golf bag. His turned out pretty good!
my strange little painting. it will still go on the wall of efforts


Fall 2012 Availability

My schedule is going to be a little more packed come August.

For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I got married August 6th last year and we will be out of town celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary. Yay! However, when we get back I will be in planning mode for the Fall Semester with my job at PSC. I won’t be able to come to the Houston County area nearly as often.  

My Sundays through Wednesdays will be packed. Therefore leaving only Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays open for sessions in the Houston County area. If those days work for you, then there is no need to fret! However, if you were hoping for a week day session, I would suggest e-mailing me and booking a day in July.

Parents, don't forget to book your children's photos! Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner! 

Reminder: It takes about four to six weeks to get your disc back, so remember that when you are planning your shoot! 

God bless and have a great Thursday!

Mrs. S


Infant /// Grayson is Three Months!

My handsome little nephew is three months old! Yay! He is becoming more attentive and his weight is catching up with him, too. :) He is my favorite little baby boy EVER! He is SO kissable!

I love my Grayson!

God Bless!
Mrs. S


New Packaging


New packaging! I'm so excited! You will no longer get a boring and plain-looking disc at your doorstep.

Whatcha think?


My Brother and His Girl ♥

I just had to post some! They asked it a little while back if I could take a couple of pictures of them. This wasn't a session, just a "let's run out to the front yard and take a picture of you guys!" kind of thing. ...but they're cute, so I had to post some. ♥