Family // The Traugh Family

I have known these lovely folks for many years now.
They've watched me grow and I have had the opportunity to watch little Lizzy learn how to walk and
I was there when Jack first started going to school! These kids seriously have my heart.
They are both such sweet and spirited children! They definitely have minds of their own!

Enjoy folks!

Michelle, Scott,...I had a blast photographing you all! 
Your children always make me smile and laugh! 
You two are really blessed to have such a sweet family! Really.

"M" stands for Mom!


Infant // McKinley Hill

This little girl, oh my goodness! She is so stinkin' cute! She was constantly trying to eat grass, leaves 
and rock herself out of the basket. She is so adorable! 

Kristin, you are such a lucky mom! You have such wonderful sweet children. 
It was such a joy meeting you all!

Enjoy everyone!