Wedding // The Duncans

This is LONG overdo. I don't know why I did not realize until yesterday that I had not posted about the Duncan-Miller wedding. :( I do apologize. I did, however, post many on my facebook page. 

Kevin and Devon, thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to capture your wedding. Although your original venue got rained out, the church was BEAUTIFUL! Both of you have a heart of gold. Your love was so evident to me. It was really a honor being able to bless you all with tangible memories. I certainly hope you enjoy them!

But They're Healthy!

Yum yum yum! I could not wait to share this recipe with you guys! For real now...they are SO DELICIOUS!

This recipe can be found at Watching What I Eat

You've got bananas, apple sauce, vanilla extract, peanut butter (or nutella for those non-pb eaters), chocolate chips, nuts, dry oats, and protein powder. 

Set your oven to 350 and let's go!

Mash up them bananers with that there peanut butter!

Then mix in your apple sauce, vanilla extract and protein powder.

Lastly, mix in the oats, nuts and chocolate chips.

Stick in the oven for 30 minutes or until golden brown. Mine came out darker because the only protein powder we had was chocolate. The original baker uses vanilla protein powder.

These suckers were SO GOOD! I'm telling you. My husband and I ate them all in less than 24 hours (and this image is after eating half, even before all of them had finished baking). 

Enjoy folks and God bless!

Props and Backdrops

I'm stocking up on props and backdrops! ♥ ...and I am SO excited about being able to use them all!

I've got geometric garland (DIY), streamers, accessories (on the way), and much more!

Yes, I made this! ♥
Some floral bed sheets, a cute tub for infant/toddler pics, and a sweet new blanket! (I just bought another floral frilly blanket that is not posted!)
New portable backdrop for them newborns and crawlers! So excited!
I knew this clothes rack would come in handy! 
I would show you more but then that would just ruin the surprise! 

A is for Apple

I am always trying to find new ways (daily ways) to practice photography. I'm not so good about keeping my camera at my side at all times. I don't practice nearly as much as I should. So I decided to try an ABC photo diary. 

(I've tried Project 365, the photo-a-day, and I kinda suck at it so I'm trying something new!)

Basically, I take a picture (or a few) of whatever letter I am on for the day (or week, whatever works out). Today was the letter A. 

These pictures may not have any real reason behind them other than "it looks cool" and "it's right there." Just being honest. :) 

So TODAY here are my pictures. I used my telephoto lens for these. One day I hope to get a macro lens. I LOVE macro shots!

(My laptop is an Asus. So A for Asus! Haha!)


Couples Session // Mark and Lauren

Do you know anyone that can some how return you to your childhood days as a giggly five year old? Well, Lauren does that to me. I had to apologize in advance to Mark for my possible immature behavior as Lauren brings out the kid in me. I have known Lauren for YEARS, and when I say years I mean since our childhood. We have so many hilarious memories of our childhood especially our teen years as we became closer friends. She has always been a tremendous supporter (and great help) of my journey with photography. For that, I am so grateful. 

Mark and Lauren, thank you so much for allowing me to capture the love you two share. It is certainly a joy to witness! You two seem to share so much laughter and joy and that is truly a gift. Never take advantage of it. 

Enjoy folks! There are a lot of them!