Hannah // Model Portfolio Sneak Peak

I HAD to post a few more pictures of my session with Hannah!
I am honestly so excited at how her pictures turned out! She is so sweet and you would never guess that this was her first modeling experience. She's a natural!

Enjoy folks!

God Bless!
~Mrs. S

Project 365///Day 29

It's January 23rd...and a Monday. Which means...!!!

...I get to serve lunch to awesome college students! Today we have Chili Mac made by a wonderful lady from a church here in town! :) Yum! I brought my Nikon to work today so I could take a few pictures of some of the students that come every week to eat!


Project 365///Day 28

January 22, 2012

So, I made this picture smaller, because it's not exactly fun to look at. Haha! Well, there were a lot of bugs out yesterday which is really unusual for this time of year here in Georgia. Anyways, I got bit yesterday afternoon at around 3. It was driving me crazy, but I figured it was just a mosquito bite. I get those a lot if they are around.

Well, this is what it looks like right now (4:00pm 24 hours later)...

I NEVER swell up like this, ever. I am debating going to the doctor if it doesn't go down soon.

Much Love,
~Mrs. S

One More

I just HAD to post another picture of my session today with Hannah!
I know that you'll excuse me once you see it! ;)

I just adore black and white photography!

Now that was worth posting! ♥

Many Blessings!
~Mrs. S


Project 365///Day 27

Today is January 21st and I spent the afternoon with this lovely lady named Hannah. I found out not too long ago that she is interested in modeling, so we decided to hang out more often and help each other out! I will post her session once I have been able to really sit down with her photos. :) However, here is a sneak peek of todays session!

Enjoy folks!

Taken with my Nikon.

~Mrs. S


Project 365///Day 26

January 20th 2012

Today I helped my mom go through some boxes that were in one of her cabinets. She thought it was going to be mostly craft stuff from when we were younger (felt, beads, ribbon, thread, etc.) but we found a box full of some old school stuff. My mother home schooled us (me, my brother and sister). I found a TON of my old "books" I use to write. Story after story. Haha...most of them are hilarious to read! I was such a dork! Haha! Oh well...look what we found!

Day 26.365///I used my Nikon D90.

...our paper bag puppets from the Three Goats Gruff! We apparently did a lot of puppet shows growing up. Haha! So cool! :)

God Bless!
~Mrs. S

Project 365///Days 23-25

Hey all!

So, I am aweful! I JUST announced that I would be posting one picture and day and I have already failed to do so! If I could give an excuse...this week has been really busy! Haha!

Anyways, here you go...My Tuesday through today, Thursday! :) Enjoy!

Day 23.365///Nikon. Tuesday evening I go to the WesHouse. The WesHouse is the Wesley (Methodist) Foundation on campus here. I have been a part of this organization since I came to college four and a half years ago. We have been through a couple of different directors since I have been here, but we have been blessed by each one of them! This is Johnny starting his lesson for the evening. (After some chili dogs and chips for dinner!)

Day 24.365///Nikon. My husband and I came into town (where our parents live) tonight so that I can help my mom with some things around the house. This is my old bedroom. They turned it into a mini-library. Cute, huh? ...and this is where I am sleeping tonight. On a few pillows. Believe it or not it's comfy! Haha!

Day 25.365///Nikon. My mom made Chocolate Pumpkin muffins.
 They were sooo good! She got her recipe off of, haha! ♥

God Bless and See You Tomorrow!
~Mrs. S


Quick Announcement

This will be short and sweet.

I decided that I would rather be posting one picture every single day than seven pictures once a week. Doing seven pictures a week is easier. However, I think that posting one picture a day will challenge me to take out my camera all throughout the day, not just at planned times like social gatherings. So yea! That's the gist! ♥

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

~Mrs. S

Short Post on Editing

I had previously posted an entire letter concerning my progress with editing. I have to share this, because my progress makes me so happy!

The original.

I did the basics then went back and touched up her eyes and skin.

...and a closer look...
Notice the difference in her eyes and the more soft appearance of her skin.

It's not a huge difference, but pretty sweet, huh?!

I have mentioned it before, but I use Photo Explosion which can be found at Target for about $10 cheaper! Yay!

God bless!
~Mrs. S

Project 365///Days 16-22

Okay, so, this past week has been CRAZY! My husband has been really sick and he doesn't get sick all that often. My mother had to get a back brace and four spinal blocks. I fell in the shower and hit my tail bone and spine and I have had trouble functioning since then. Now I feel like I might be starting to catch whatever it is my husband has. :( Lame!

Anyways... I did a whole lot of nothing this week because of all the chaos, but I was able to get some pictures. Enjoy!

Day 16.365///Nikon. It's amazing how often God speaks to us, if only we listen. I was sipping my coffee this morning and was reminded to conquer my fears, because "with God all things are possible." I have nothing to fear! Praise God!

Day 17.365///Nikon. Today I didn't do much, and I mean it. I did hardly anything. EXCEPT take this picture of some of the flowers Chris gave me for our 5yr &2month anniversary! haha...or our 5 month wedding anniversary..however you want to look at it! Hah!

Day 18.365///Nikon. I took down the Christmas decorations today!

Day 19.365///Nikon. Picked up some chick flicks from the good ol' Redbox: Bridesmaids (hilarious but inappropriate) and Monte Carlo (teeny-bopper-ish). Got all cozy after I made myself a mocha frappuccino! :) Yum! 

Day 20.365///Nikon. Played some guitar and practiced some new songs, and some old ones too! ;) I love my guitar!

Day 21.365///Webcam. So...long story short: I fell last night and hit my tail bone...awesome. Not! I'm still wearing pjs and I am really afraid to sit down. I scream every time I have to stand up...that's how bad it hurts. :( But I had to show off my pretty morning hair!!! Some folks from school say that I always seem to wear morning hair. It's 'cause every time I get complimented on my hair is when I haven't done anything to it! ya go...this is my bed hair for the day. Poofy.

Day 22.365///Webcam. I still hurt. :( I'm sitting on my side as best I know how, but it hurts worse than before.
 Sad day. I feel miserable, as I am sure I look the same. haha! I look so "emo," hah!

Many Blessings!
~Mrs. S


Project 365//Days 9-15

Hey guys! So...I know that I asked some of you if I should try posting one photo a day and then announced later on that I would continue to do seven photos a week, but I am starting to think that one photo posted a day my help me succeed at taking a photo every day. So, just keeping you updated on my thoughts. I will let you know when I switch over to one a day!

Enjoy folks! ♥

Here is my explanation for these photos: I went back to visit my parents Tuesday and Wednesday and I did not take any pictures during that time. Didn't even think about it! I know, I'm awful! So, I am made up for it by taking more than one picture on other days.

Day 9.365///Taken with my Nikon. Had some quality Jesus time. I mean, really sat down and dug in.

Day 10.365///Nikon. Played with my new flash. Followed people around ("annoying" them) and took pictures of them.

Day 11.365///Nikon. Watched some friends perform/record the "Wiggle" dance they created to go with their "Wiggle" song they recorded.

Day 12.365///Nikon. Made breakfast with the hubby. A.k.a., my hubby made breakfast for me! :)
Eggs and cinnamon pancakes!

Day 13.365///Nikon. Went back home to sing with my dad and his friends. "Sweet jam session!"
Motown a little bit of Adele and Cee Lo.

Day 14.365///Nikon. I painted with some friends!!! They said it looks like meat loaf! :(
It's supposed to be the bottom part of a hanging flower pot!

Day 15.365///Nikon. Spent some time with my roommates from last year.
They just cause SO MUCH TROUBLE! ;)
That box right there that says "Glasses," we put Leigh's glasses there when she goes to bed at night (or you know, just loses them) that way she can read the big words, be able to find them and nobody will step on them. :)

Thanks guys! Again, it's never too late to start your Project 365!
Just pick up your camera and starting shooting!

God Bless!

~Mrs. S


Project 365//Days 2-8

Hey all!

If I may remind you of the Project 365 I am participating in:

Project 365 is simply a worldwide activity, allowing individuals to see a new perspective on the things we do or see everyday. The idea is to take a picture every day, post it and write about it. I am taking my pictures throughout the week, and posting them to you on Mondays. So if you are interested, keep an eye out! ♥

Here we go!
[I posted one picture last Monday to kick off my 365 days.]
[These pictures are from Tues. the 27th to TODAY!]

Day 2.365///Taken with my Webcam. Today (Dec. 27th) I have successfully done an ab workout, pushups, jogged, showered, gotten dressed (dried my hair, messed around in the closet), driven downtown to get an application and to campus to get some financial help ALL without ever waking up my husband!! now I'm sitting here filling out the application. For those of you that have seen my house, you know thats amazing!

Day3.365///Taken with my Nikon. Today my husband and I spent the day out of town. At the end we went to OutBack to eat dinner (it's rare to eat out "expensively"). We played cards from the moment we ordered our food until we left. A new game he taught me called Tunk. Fun! Our waiter thought it was awesome that we brought a game to play! Haha!

Day 4.365///Taken with my Nikon. Today I spent a good bit of time perfecting my resume.
Job search, woohoo!

Day 5.365///Take with my Nikon. Today before he went to work, I videotaped my husband playing disc golf. He wanted to capture some trick shots and ACES :) I sat on his little folding chair far behind the basket and well....he hit with the discs, about three to five times and I have the bruises to prove it! I still love him, though! :) ♥

Day 6.365///Taken with my Nikon. Today I worked to print out, fill out and mail out applications. Woohoo!

Day 7.365///Taken with my Nikon. Today I spent most of the day on the phone with friends and family. At the same time, I worked on writing up a mass message for work.

Day 8.365///Taken with my Nikon. Today (January 2nd, 2012) is all about chores. Chores chores chores. I know, exciting, right?! I did a lot of cleaning today, and I still have more to do!

If you want to participate in Project 365, start today! It's never too late. There is no deadline. ♥ So join me in capturing the things we see and do everyday!

Many Blessings!

~Mrs. S

DIY: Lace Vase

So, I did this well over a month ago. Took pictures and everything, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. Not that it looks bad, in fact, my sister said it's her FAVORITE yet (of the projects I have done). The idea is BRILLIANT! Attach lace to whatever you want to paint then spray paint over it. It leaves a delicate lace print on your canvas.

I have several empty vases that have been just scattered about my bedroom and I figured it was time to revamp some of them!

I found some scrap lace in my room (haha, yea) and some eggshell spray paint in the garage and I decided I would play around with it.

Here's what I did and how it turned out!

First I put the rubber bands there in order to hold it until I could find a better way to hold the lace down.
 Then I decided it might be neat to seat if the rubber bands leave a cool pattern.

So, I used what source I had (duct tape, haha) to hold down the lace.
I covered the back side, partially because I did not have even lace to cover the enter vase, but then I thought having a clear backside would still be considered cute. I also chose to NOT paint the strip covered by duct tape. AGAIN, just playing around!

Letting it dry.

Not half bad, huh?

Close up. I like what it looks like in detail, but I definitely need to perfect it! :)
It's a little smudgy because I did not wait for it to dry 110%! Shame on me, I know. I'm a little impatient. :)

Whenever I attempt this again and really TRY to make it turn out well, I will post pictures! Bloggers promise! :)

God Bless!

~Mrs. S


To a New Year: 2012


Can you believe it? It is a whole 'nother year!

There is something about a new year that becomes kind of a goal line for people. We make plans to live a certain way or be a certain way by "the end of the year." I think it's honorable. The New Year inspires us and reminds us that we still have time to become our better selves. Yay!

I have never been a person to create New Years Resolutions, however, this year I have put some thought into it.

God has taught me SO much this year. He has taught me to be a hard worker and taught me HOW to work hard. (Now, if I could just remember this everyday!) He has taught me to LOVE life. I kind of got all serious this year and forgot to have fun. He is bringing me back to that joy that He gives us everyday. I got married to my best friend this year and we moved away from home. My husband got a job in which tests his very beliefs. He is challenged everyday to put God first, really. (I am so proud of him!) I FINALLY got a job as a Hospitality Coordinator. I get to go to work and see and serve my college buddies! God is opening doors!

    My year ended with a big lesson from God. I have asked Him, for as long as I can remember, to use me and challenge me. He knows that I have never wanted to live a comfortable life. I WANT to grow. That has been my passion from the beginning. My prayer on many occasions: "Take me through the fire. Take me through struggles and test me, Lord, so that I can become more like you." Sometimes I forget that prayer. I forget that I prayed that at one point. I forgot that I ultimately WANT that. My good friend, Devon, reminded me of this. "You know, you pray and ask God to use you, but when He gives you an opportunity, you run away." Wow. Thank you, Devon. That same afternoon, I was listening to Joyce Meyer's Calm, Cool and Collected series. Joyce said: "You ask God to put you in a place where you can be used, and then you complain about being at a job where you are the only Christian. But you ASKED TO BE USED!" God showed me all of this through to wonderfully godly women. Thank you Jesus! I realized how blessed I am in that God hears the prayers of my true heart and answers them, no matter my fleshly stance at the moment.

Today is January 1st, 2012 and my first lesson of the year is a lesson that I have learned before. God knows I need to re-learn this! He reminded me today that I am SERIOUSLY blessed. I can hear God speak to me. I KNOW that He is teaching me. How many people can say that? As I was saying before, God answers the prayers of my true heart no matter what I feel in the moment. Hallelujah! I have a God who loves me and does what's best for me no matter what I FEEL!

This morning I was reading in Jeremiah 29. I have never caught this until today: God sent his unruly people to Babylon. One might say it sounds like He was doing it as punishment, who knows! What I do know, is that He told them to LIVE there, to plant their gardens, get married, have children and live long enough to see their grandchildren. He also told them to pray for the Babylonians, because they need people to interceed for them. God put His rebellious people in a place where they had almost no other option but to serve God. He got them out of their comfort zone so that they could grow and be used by Him! Wow! Best first lesson of the year, ever! Haha!

This year, 2012, I have made some "resolutions" if you will. Here they are:

1. To be grateful for the uncomfortable things in life, because that's where we grow!
2. To FACE my fears head on.
3. To have fun as often as I can.
4. Project 365: To take a picture every single day. To have fun documenting my year.
5. To be crafty so I can teach others how to be resourceful.
6. To work hard.
7. To be healthy, because it's the right thing to do for so many reasons.
8. To bring God back into all that I do and say.
9. To serve others.
10. To pursue God's wisdom MORE.

I encourage you all as you are deciding what New Years Resolutions to commit to, to spend time with God. What a great day to start the New Year! A Sunday! What many people consider the Sabbath day. Did you know that the Sabbath was meant to be a day dedicated to knowing God better? It is not a day dedicated to us getting to do whatever we want. It is a day we set aside to glorify God. Start 2012 by spending the day searching for God. Enjoy His presence. Dance with Him. Sing with Him. Be joyous with Him! Tell Him all that you are grateful for. He loves you. ...A LOT!

If you are like me, right now you are probably spending a little bit of time browsing the internet. Spend the rest of your time browsing listening to Kris Allen's Live Like We're Dying. May it be inspiring to you as you start the new year!


Also, check out my friend Haley's New Year Photo Session!
She is an incredible photographer with possibly the sweetest heart!

For those whose resolutions involve getting closer to God: check out the You Version of Reading the Bible in One Year! This website gives you a guide to reading the Bible in one year! Seriously, the best way to get close to God is by spending time in His Word. You'll be amazed!

Happy 2012!!!

Many Blessings in this New Year!!!

~Mrs. S