Family Session // Layman Family

Do you remember this beautiful family? I shared their family photos this time last year. They were a big part of the Wesley Foundation in college. The Laymans are such a sweet family and their girls have grown so much, it's crazy! 

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture you all again. It was an honor! I have definitely enjoyed looking over all the hilarious facial expressions your girls made and the smiles shared between you all. I hope you enjoy them, too!

Enjoy folks!


Senior // Ethan

I've known Ethan since he was, oh goodness! Little! 
However, I have never really known him all that well but as I clicked away I got to know him a little better, and I'm glad I did! 

Ethan, I can tell that you are an intelligent man with a gentle heart. I know that God is going to use you so much as you enter into college! Allow Him to use all your great and not-so great talents and traits. You will be amazed the opportunities He will present to you as you move away from home! Never give up and always, ALWAYS stand firm in all you've been taught. You are going to amount to such wonderful things! 


Wedding // Nick and Lesley

I met Nick back in 2006. It was my senior year of high school. I know, I'm a youngin'. This was the year I met my husband. Crazy crazy CRAZY growth (in Christ) happened during this season of my life. Nick became a brother of mine quickly as he was part of my "family" in youth group. My husband and I have talked on many occasions about our excitement as Nick finds his lovely wife. We just knew it wasn't too far off! This man certainly deserves a wonderful wife! (...and I'm glad to say that Lesley is so sweet! She is going to make one amazing wife!)

I remember meeting up with a few friends at Panera Bread Co. and my friend Hailey mentioning to me about trying to "hook up" her friend Lesley with Nick. She told me she thought they would work great together! Well, turns out she was right! 

These two love birds hit it off right away and as you can tell by their pictures they are so madly in love. 
I love it! 

It was an honor, Nick and Lesley, to shoot at your wedding. It was beautiful and full of such joy! I laughed all throughout the event along with your family and friends. You all are so warm and inviting and surely a blessing to be around. I wish you both the greatest joy and peace in your marriage! I don't doubt that God is going to take you far! Remember to always acknowledge the good in each other, especially when you might feel the opposite. You both will be in my prayers as you continue on in your journey together! Marriage is awesome! Enjoy it! 

Enjoy folks! ♥