My 6 New Year Resolutions

So, tomorrow will be the start of a new year. I love this time of year! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Not because of the decorations, gifts, or events but because of how God uses this time of year to inspire and encourage His children!

I am given hope through the holidays as I am reminded that some of my purposes in life are to fully love, to fully forgive and move forward, to give without hesitation, and to work harder at obeying Christ.

Thanksgiving comes along and I am reminded by Christ to be thankful of ALL things. The good, the bad, the grand, the not-so-noticeable. I wrote a small post about being thankful (you can read it here) in November, but I am thankful for so much more than I can ever express. It's the little things, really. Christ reminds me in this time, of the day-to-day wonder of His glorious creation! He shows me the beauty in people's eagerness to give to others. I see beauty in the cool weather which leads us to curl up with our loved ones. I see beauty in everyone's creative and cheerful spirits.

Christmas rolls around and I am reminded of the generosity of Christ. He is the greatest Giver of all! He gave and GIVES unconditionally, without expectation or hesitation. He is the greatest Forgiver and the greatest Beauty of all that lives! and yes, He lives! What another wonderful reason to be joyful and cheerful and generous! We have so much to learn from Him!

I am reminded through all of this that my God is a GREAT God! That I should no longer be wasting my time but instead I should be purposeful with each passing day! HE IS WORTH MY TIME AND MY EFFORT! HE DESERVES MY BEST WORK! With that said, here are my New Year's "Resolutions" or rather, things I'd really like to change in my life, for good!

I'd like to:

1. Do whatever it takes to get into the Bible every day. 

2. Try a little harder on my appearance.

3. Work harder at showing Chris love using his love languages.
(Want to take the Love Language Quiz to determine how you best receive/show love??? Take it here. I believe it to be very close to accurate, and honestly can't harm anything. This is an amazing book and I would love to blog about it one day this year.)

4. Spend more one-on-one time with my husband.

5. Reach a target weight after having this sweet baby #2 in March.

6. Know where every penny in our budget goes.

There are some other things that I would love to work towards this coming year, such as:
I'd love to cook more often, bake more often, sew more often and take more family photos every month!

All of these might seem very petty after my speech about giving God our best, but I guarantee you that these are all things that God has been continually convicting me of this year. To be the best person that I can be. To love my husband with all of my might. To purposefully choose to love him and spend good quality time with him. (With a toddler and a new baby, Lord knows how distracted moms can get.) To respect my body and myself, for God gave me my body and my appearance and He uses both to His glory. So why not purposefully pursue my BEST self? To purposefully take charge of our money. Even if we mess up, I want to know why and how and be able to fix it the next time. I don't want to be blind to our finances. To purposefully pursue God with all that I've got. This means doing whatever it takes to dive into His Word daily, because I NEED IT. I NEED HIM. ...and He is WORTH IT ALL!

I've never been one to make goals. It's dumb, I know. You can read a thousands articles, books and blogs about motivation and success and all of them will tell you to "set goals". Well, this lady here ::points to self:: does not set goals, ever. I hate them. I almost never accomplish them (or at least not when I am hoping to). Another reason I don't set goals is because I don't want to just check something off my list, I want to change my life.

So here's to a new year, a reminder of the never ending mercy of Christ! It is a reminder of the endless opportunities we have to return to the path leading to Christ's precious glory! He has a grand plan for our lives, one that involves being in His presence every moment of every day! One that involves experiencing the majestic wonder of the works of His hand every single day!

I pray that Christ enlightens you and encourages you to leap this year! 
To start anew in your search of Christ and your eagerness to become all He has created you to be! EXTRAORDINARY.


My Toddler Loves to Read

Let. Me. Tell. You.

My child LOVES to read! It's a great thing, however, 
it can be so flippin' annoying having to read the 
same three books over and over again!

I know that there are so many of you lovely mama's 
who are always trying to find new books for their little 
ones so I thought I'd share Hannah's current favorites!

Thank You God Series
Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
Walt Disney's Cinderella : Hannah apparently thinks that I am Cinderella! Haha!
Disney Cars Mater (similar books here)
Joseph's Book of Colors - The Beginners Bible
Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman: This is by far her most favorite book we own! We read every single page of this entire book every time we pick it up. This usually means fifty times a day, but you know, whatever the little one wants!
How Do I Love You by P.K. Hallinan
Elmo Loves You - Sesame Street
 Can You Say it Too? Woof! Woof! by Sebastian Braun: 
Hannah freakin' adores this book! She has been addicted 
to this board book for months!
 Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle: This is another very 
very favorite book of Hannah's. We read it over and over again, 
all day long. For reals. She loves to make all the sounds and 
name all the animals!
 Things To Learn When I Go to the Shops
 I Thank God For This Day - Veggie Tales: She loves this book! It probably has something to do with the fact that it's musical as well!
 Vader's Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown
 Read to Me Bible for Kids: She loves the pictures in this book! We talk about the stories through the pictures and I hope to one day really read through this book with her.
 Your Baby Can Read!: She absolutely loves these books but unfortunately they're not really for sale anymore. You can find them on Ebay mostly. She's loved these since she was close to one year old!
Baby Goofy Catches a Fish by Ann D. Hardy
I Love You Through and Through by Caroline Jayne Church: Hannah absolutely loves this book but I couldn't find it to take a picture of it! I'm so convinced of Church's books!

Potty by Leslie Patricelli: Hannah LOVES this book but 
she took it outside and I found it too late. It had been
 rained on for days. I'm so sad! She loved it so much!

Those are her favorites alright! It's a long list, but 
thankfully her library is large and I don't have 
to read the same three books every day, every hour! Haha!

Do your little ones have any favorites that are not
on my list? I'm sure there are many! Do please share! We are always looking to add to Hannah's collection!


How to Make a Christmas Banner

Hey guys!
I'll be honest, I have no idea why I decided to do this craft. I think I just wanted to 
make some sort of holiday banner or garland, and I ended up making this! Haha! 
I've never made a banner this way before, so it's a pretty shaky tutorial 
(in my mind anyways), but I'll do my best to guide you through it! 

Step 1. Print out your quote in a font that you really like! You can download FREE fonts through! I am constantly on their site looking for new fonts! I love it! Make sure that you are printing these words out at the desired size. I was satisfied with mine being almost the size of a standard piece of paper.

You will need:
An xacto knife.
Colored Cardstock (this will be what your garland is made out of)
Surface safe for cutting
Tape (optional)

Step 2. Start cutting! Grab your xacto knife and cut out the font. You will want the word to hold together, so connect the letters by cutting a tiny bit wider along the areas that run extremely close. Example: The top of the "T" will easily connect to the top of the "h". The bottom curve on the "h" will easily connect to the "e".

 Step 3. Take your plain card-stock and put it on top of the colored card-stock so that you can see your quote on the colored card-stock like below. (I used gold. Sorry it's hard to tell the difference between the background and the gold paper.) I taped the two together in the edges so that it wouldn't wiggle as I cut.

Step 4. Cut out your quote with the xacto knife. (Believe it or not the colored card-stock was easier to cut than the plain card-stock!) Don't forget to cut so that the letters connect (if they don't, there are ways to work around it, but it'll make it easier for you). 

 Step 5. Hang it where you see best fit! I taped them to my mantle! I was debating on hanging it by thread or string, but I didn't know where I'd hang it that would keep Hannah from getting to it. So I taped it to the mantle. Haha!
I am pretty proud of this piece, mostly because it was my first time I have tried anything like this, but it definitely adds to the Christmas decor in our home! I love it!

Other things on our mantle: Pine branches I picked up from my yard decorate and fill the sides of my mantle. Two gold bowls found at a Goodwill over a year ago. They were less than $1 each. White bucket in the center was a hunter green bucket I found at Goodwill for under $1. I used regular acrylic paint to paint the bucket. Depending on it's use, plain acrylic is just fine. No special treatment. Stockings made by my lovely husband!

Please do share any tips or ideas you have that might better this piece the next time I make one! I'd love the advice and help!


Cleaning with a Toddler

My house is not always clean, but believe it or not I keep it cleaner now
than when my husband and I first got married. I guess having a kid motivates you a little!
Over the past few weeks or maybe even months, I have been noticing how much Hannah loves helping me do chores. She loves learning and has so much fun being able to do whatever it is I am doing at the time! Sounds like just about every kid in the world, right?

Hannah helps me put up clean laundry after it's been folded.
She helps me put clothing on hangers and helps me hang them up.
She puts dishes into the dishwasher, and puts clean ones back where they go.
She sweeps my floors for me and mops, too!
She picks up trash for me, and likes to take the trash outside to the dumpster.
Hannah helps me unload and load the dryer and washer.
She also helps me pour the soap into the washer.
She closes and locks doors for me, like when we get home from somewhere.
She's helped me wrap all the family's Christmas presents.
...and there are so many other things that she helps me with!

Honestly, a huge part of cleaning with your toddler is just talking 
with them about everything you are doing. Explain it to them. 
They're eager to understand, they really are! Start by asking them simple questions 
and do so repeatedly to help them better understand a concept or action. 
Share simple facts with them often. 

I'd love to brag and say that Hannah is this super genius 20 month old
who understands everything, but honestly, I have just come to the realization
that she understands so much because I'm constantly explaining everything
I'm doing. Whether it's cleaning dishes, cooking dinner, vacuuming, or
going to the bathroom, I'm talking to her about it. ...and she loves it!!!

Lately I've been waking up early (conviction right there) to read the Word and maybe sneak
in a chore or two and because of it, I have been able to think a lot clearer throughout the day and
I can see where some things work and some things fail. Our chore method works
 pretty well so I thought I'd share some of the things we do to clean up around the house!

When Doing Laundry

 Teach them how to put hangers in shirts, then how to hang them on stuff.
It's such a challenge and almost a game to Hannah! She loves it!

Ask them often to bring you something that you need during your chore.
Don't forget to say PLEASE! Especially if you want them to say it to you!
Hannah loves to run and grab more hangers for me!

 Let it be fun --- Hannah likes to jump/slide on my pile of folded towels and
blankets while I fold everything else. I just continue to add to her stack as we go.
She doesn't normally make a mess but if she does, it's very easy to re-fold one or two towels.

 When doing a chore that allows you to sit, sit on the floor and let them climb in and out of your lap. It can get tiring, but at least they're not screaming for attention.

Let them put the clothes from the washer into the dryer. One or two pieces at a time.

Let them carry the clothes from the dryer and put them on the bed
(or wherever you fold your clothes at). 

Let them help carry your laundry basket to it's next location.

Show them where to put stuff. Whenever you're doing laundry, ask them to carry
the towels and then show them where they go.

When Cleaning Surfaces

Let them mop or sweep the floors. It's such an easy chore for our little ones!
Sometimes I give Hannah the Swiffer sweep so she can sweep behind
me as I sweep with the broom. It helps grab the little stuff that I miss!

Give them their own towel and a spray bottle (filled with water or vinegar water,
whatever their little hands can handle) and follow you around cleaning
counters and tables and chairs.

Give them a bucket and ask them to put everything in it! Start off by showing them
what you mean. Start throwing everything into the bucket!

When Cleaning Dishes

Show them how to close the soap container, close the dishwasher, and
then turn it on! Hannah loves doing this because she knows that once she
turns it on, that she's completed a task! It makes her feel good!

Let them load the non-breakables and it doesn't hurt to show them exactly where
you want the items. They want to do it the way you do it anyways!

Let them unload the non-breakable dishes and show them where to put them.
If they can't reach, ask them to put them on the counter.

Give them a sponge or a scrub brush and allow them to help you scrub dishes in the sink.

Show them where to put the dishes once they've scrubbed them.

Give them dishes to put in the sink as you as preparing dinner or after you've eaten.

When Cooking

 (This one, of course, depends on your child. Some children can 
handle this better than others. Hannah is hit or miss with this.)

Let them pull up a chair to the counter or even sit on the counter while you prepare dinner.

Every now and then, pick them up and let them help put something into a bowl or plate.

Let them stir something. If they can't stir what you've got, put some flour and water into a bowl (maybe even add a drop of food coloring) and let them go at it right next to you!
Give them the salt or pepper shaker and show them how to put a little bit into the
 pot or pan while cooking.
Misc. Chores

Let them carry the trash to the outside dumpster, or at least to the outside of the door.

Ask them to help you carry stuff to the next room. They only need to hold one
or two items to be really motivated to help!

Ask them to help you wrap all your Christmas presents! Giving them tape to
put on each fold is possibly the easiest thing for a one year old to do!

Teach them, in general, where stuff goes. You'll be surprised with how
quickly they'll clean a room for you simply because they see stuff out of place!

If you're struggling with getting your kid to the car, give them your car keys
(if it makes you feel better, take your car key off first and then give
 them the rest of the keys) and ask them to help you unlock the car!
Works every time with Hannah!


Two final tips and they are something that I've learned over 
this year:

1. explain a process very simply ahead of time. 
For example: "We have to put these dishes in IN first, 
THEN we can close it and turn it on! If we close it now, 
there is nothing in it to wash!"
2. Pause in between instruction. Their little minds need 
an extra minute to grasp what you are trying to explain to them! Their little minds and ears can only handle a little bit at a time!


Have I forgotten anything? 
Do you have any tips and tricks that works for you and your little one that you'd like to share?


What's God Been Up To???

{Fair warning: This post might be completely confusing and some of it might just sound like I'm rambling, but these are my thoughts that I believe I needed to share today, so bare with me!}

Today is just one of those days that I am reminded that I am HUMAN. For reals now.

I woke up so frustrated this morning. Hannah cried half the night and stayed in bed with us for half the night, but then she kept rolling straight off the bed, or scooting off the bed. I would wake up just in time to catch her (our mattress is on the ground, but still), which in turn would wake her up for a good few minutes and she would fuss and fuss until she could fall asleep again. She slept holding my mouth with her hands. Yep. I guess she wanted to make sure I was there...all...night...long. I felt like I hadn't slept AT ALL and so Chris put her back into her crib at like 4:00 in the morning. Plenty of other stuff happened in the middle of the night that frustrated the mess out of me, but there's no need to talk about it. It's done and over.

I woke up exhausted and frustrated still. Hannah was giddy of course. Chris let me sleep in a little, until about 8:15. Yay! Sleeping past 8:00 is A W E S O M E!!!

You all saw my post about my hubby this weekend, right??? (If you didn't, it's right here and you should check it out! ---> To My Husband on His Birthday) Well, he's awesome, and he cheered me up very quickly this morning with all his laughing and with all his compliments. I was mumbling under my breath half the morning and he would just giggle and say I was cute. Some days that would just make me want to hurt him even more, but this morning his humor was just what I needed to get myself back in the game. He made me laugh all morning and even all through church. GASP!!! Yes, I giggle with my husband sometimes during church! THAT'S OKAY and quite sweet if I do say so myself!

One example of his humor this morning: We were sitting in the service, during the meet-and-greet portion, right before the actual message started and I was telling him how tired I was. I told him I could fall asleep right there. His response: "God says to come to Him and He will give you rest! Rest! If you can't rest here, then where can you rest?!!" I just couldn't help but laugh with all this talk of falling asleep in church. I DIDN'T fall asleep by the way. The message about our faithful and resurrected Lord was so encouraging today! (I might have to share some of the message later this week!)

I wanted to share all of this because well, I'm human. ...but I'm a human who really really wants to keep pursuing God and reading His Word and growing in His knowledge, understanding and Truth.

We had a surprise birthday party for my husband last night and I was able to talk with a lot of people we haven't seen in a while. It was so nice.

I got to talking to a good friend of ours. I had to sit down because this pregnancy fatigue started to hit me but we continued on our conversation anyways. He was asking me what I've been up to lately (after he so eagerly shared what God has been doing in his life recently) and my reply: "not much." He wouldn't settle for that answer and gently pushed me to share more.

I found myself REMEMBERING all the convictions God has been laying on my heart and all the encouragement Christ has been blessing me with these days.

This is what I shared with him last night and it's what I want to share with you today.

I am learning that to pursue God is a choice.

Being a married woman...a pregnant married woman with a highly active toddler, it's very difficult to see the opportunities to pursue God. Even when I do see them, stuff happens and it makes it harder to get into His presence.

I already feel like I'm rambling. Sorry if you feel that way, too. Do I make sense???

I explained to him how it seems easier to pursue God when there's a routine. It seems easier to read His Word whenever Hannah and I have a routine going. But we hardly ever have a clear routine! We will finally have like two good days in a row and I will get pumped up because I can see where I can put God in (sounds so bad saying it like that) and then the next day, our "routine" is screwed up and it's never the same again.

I struggle with seeing the open spots in my day where I can just sit and read God's Word.

I am constantly bombarded with the idea that Hannah and Chris need to come first. 
That my HOME needs to come first. 
But that is such a lie!!!
I need to CHOOSE God. 
I need to CHOOSE to sit down and really READ. 

I do believe I've written a little about it before, my convictions that is, but I honestly can't remember what post it's in. I'll update this post as soon as I find it! Anyways...

God has been convicting me more and more lately that I need to get up earlier to be with Him. Even if it's only 30 minutes earlier than normal. I need to choose to get up and spend time with Him before my day really gets going. To read the Scriptures. To pray. To think. I NEED that time with Him. I need to CHOOSE that time with Him.

I have nothing else to say on the matter. It's pretty clear that God is telling me to do just that. 
Wake up early to read His Word. 

I was just reminded last night that it's a CHOICE. I am never going to get closer to God, experience His glory, His peace, His love or His joy if I do not choose to spend time with Him.

It can be so stinkin' difficult sometimes to find that time. I believe it's there, I really do. I just get caught up in the moment of everyday chaos just like everyone else in the world does. I forget to even LOOK for that opening.

It's time we CHOOSE to pursue God and His Word. I mean we DO want it, don't we???

We've seen His glory! We've seen His hands at work in the lives around us and in our own lives and it is indescribable! So why are we holding back?

Why are wasting our time with mundane things instead of fully putting our time and effort into knowing and getting closer to our Resurrected Father??? I have no idea. We're crazy. We're just straight crazy!


Baby Charlotte totally agrees. As soon as I started to write about the glory of God, she began running in my belly! I claim it! She KNOWS! God is magnificent!!!

In addition to being reminded of my convictions, I was also reminded of how easy it used to be to ask my friends about God and about what God was doing in their lives. I used to ask people this question all the time: "What's God been up to?"

I have not asked this question in such a long time. It's been too long really. It's time we start asking each other this question again.

Life gets so busy that we really need to help remind each other that God is ever present and that He is working in us. We need to draw it out of each other. What is God doing in YOUR LIFE right now??? 

I thought my answer was "not much," but I was wrong. My answer should have been 
"He's drawing me in again."

God is reminding me of His Truth. He is reminding me of the TIME I have to give to Him. He is reminding me that I am made for MORE. He is convicting me of things more and more and I really need to be listening to Him and obeying Him.

Why have we stopped bringing God's wonder into our conversations? Why is it all of the sudden focused on the bad? Why have we stopped putting emphasis on the work and the glory of Christ in our lives?

I think it's time we step our game, guys. I think it's time we quit making up excuses about being tired or busy and just CHOOSE to pursue God! JUST DO IT!!! Pursue God!!! I'm sure He's either already given you the time during your day to read His Word or He's given you the conviction about where you should clear out your schedule. Am I right?

What is God doing YOUR LIFE? 

Now is the time for me to close my laptop and follow through with what I've just said to myself and to you. I'm going to go read the Bible now while my baby girl is sleeping. See you guys later!

May God's never ending peace and joy flood your way!

{Is it ironic that Hannah JUST woke up from her nap as I was posting this?
Hah! Oh Lord, you have a sense of humor!}


To My Husband on His Birthday

To My Dearest Husband,
You da bomb!

Okay okay, I'll try to contain my excitement just a LITTLE. ;)

You turn 26 today, you old geezer! Just kidding! I can't believe you're older than me! By a few months, but still...

We've been through A LOT together. Oh my goodness, a lot! I don't regret a single moment! The good OR the bad. I cherish them both, for I know that God has used our many days to grow us. So no, I don't regret a single moment. I look forward to experiencing the rest of my life with you! I look forward to the good AND the bad times with you. You make it so easy to love life!

My favorite things about you are these:

1. How you laugh extremely loud at things when the moment has completely passed by, and it wasn't even that funny to begin with...
2. How to try to flirt with me whenever I'm trying to get chores done (it's a love-hate relationship with that anyways)...
3. Your smile!!!
4. Your eyes...those big blue eyes!!! <3 p="">
5. Your're so manly! ::tries to sound sexy::
6. I love the way you giggle when I'm trying to make you laugh by being a corny little dork!
7. I love how hard you work to perfect all that you do!
8. I love how open and loving and caring you are to all the people you meet!
9. I love how you WANT to hear what I have to say.
10. You are such a kid, and I love that because of that, you keep us young and spirited!
11. You try to creep on me while I'll writing blogs. (You're walking in right now and I'm trying to hurry up so you can't read over my shoulder...'cause you will!)
12. You encourage me daily. You never ever give up, on me or on anyone. 
13. You seriously love and fear Christ.



You are an incredible leader in our home and in our relationship. Sometimes you are a silent leader and other times you are bold. You don't fear me or this world, but instead you fear God. For that, I am so grateful! You fight for the Truth and for your family. You are such a good listener. Your heart is so welcoming! You're so eager to learn about everything and everyone! You are so spirited and carefree, yet you have an incredible wisdom that can only come from God. Your peaceful attitude overwhelms me daily. You are so stinkin' peaceful! 

You are so eager to love! You love to show love, especially the kind that stops other people in their tracks! You were made to be a teacher! (Some may not understand that statement, but you do, and that's all that matters.) I've seen the gentleness and patience you have with others. It amazed me to this day. You love to teach others because you have that same eagerness to learn and to love!

Your smile is seriously the most wonderful, inviting thing ever! 
You melt me whenever you smile at me! Really. You do.

Chris, you are an incredibly hard worker and I am so grateful and appreciative of your (His) provision. You work so hard and long without complaining. You are truly a great witness for Christ. I believe in you more than you could ever know! You are fully capable of accomplishing whatever you put your mind to! You've always been that way! Everyone who knows you would tell you the same thing!

I love you so much! You are so good to me. You are so sweet, gentle, patient, kind and forgiving. I NEED you in my life. Your attitude humbles me every day. I love your soft eyes, your comforting hands, your big arms that hold me so tightly and I love your extremely warm hugs! Your kisses are the best! I'm sorry that I don't tell you these things enough! You have me forever baby! I will be by your side forever and a day!

I am so proud of the man you have become over the years and I sincerely believe that God has SO MUCH MORE in store for you!!! I cannot wait to see what He does in your life! 


I stinkin' love you babe!!! 

What to Put on Your Baby Registry

So, you all know that I've got a little one due in March. I am so excited but at the same time I kind of forget that I'm pregnant. I guess having a toddler does that to you!

I have many friends who are pregnant as well, a few of who are first-time mommies! Yay!!! Since I have passed the halfway mark in my pregnancy, most of what I'm thinking about is what all we need this go 'round, what I used the most with Hannah, what I wish I used and what I realize now, I never needed. So since this is mainly what's been on my mind these days and since so many of my friends are expecting, I thought it would be nice to share about what you'll really need (Basics), what I actually used (Registry) and and what I wish I had used (My Registry NOW)!

All but two of these items are found at Target. I love my Target!

There are sooo many things that you will be buying your little one(s) 
but these are your basic and essential needs to start off with:

Diapers. I would register or ask for larger sizes, seeing as NB and size 1 are not used for very long!
Baby Lotion.
Baby Wash & Shampoo.
Teething Tablets or Orajel. Orajel worked best for us in the early months.
Baby Powder.
Diaper Rash Cream. We like Desitin and A+D. A couple of tubes go a long way.
Infant Tylenol.
Medical Kit.
Baby Caps. Unless it's the colder months, you will only need a couple to last you through the first couple of weeks to protect that little baby head!
Sleepers &/or Gowns. We preferred gowns over sleep-n-plays because we could easily get to the dirty diaper. No unbuttoning or unzipping, just lift and change!
Fitted Sheets. You can never have enough of Crib sheets, Pack-n-play sheets, Bassinet sheets, Changing table sheets...
Waterproof Mattress Pads. Crib, bassinet, pack-n-play...
Bottles. I could never have enough bottles. We used the Wal-Mart off-brand because they were cheap and they fit my Medella pump!
Nipples. It depends on your baby. Great answer, right? We used slow flow for a looong time and then eventually medium flow.
Burp Cloths. I prefer the 3-fold ones. They seem sturdier and last a lot longer. They used to be easier to find, but now a more simple burp cloth seems more popular.
Diaper Bag. I prefer the back pack style. I hated carrying around some massive shoulder bag, especially since it's always filled with everything you own for the baby. It gets heavy.
Boppy. Essential for the nursing and formula momma's!
Bath Tub.
Bottle Brush.
Towels & Wash Cloths. You only need one or two packs of the infant super soft kind. I prefer having more of the hardy kids pack.
Bibs. Some people use them, some people don't. I used them for a short period of time and after that, they were never touched again.

Basics for the Nursing Mama

Lansinoh. I cannot express it enough! You will NEED Lansinoh!!!
Breast Pump. You'll want to get out on date nights and this is definitely a MUST if you plan on doing that!
Storage Bags. I didn't use these. I am a stay-at-home mom and I could plan when I needed to pump in order to get out or run some errands. It wasn't necessary for me. Besides, bottles can last longer than you think!
Breast Pads.
Target's Nursing Bra. This bra from Target is the comfiest thing ever and I highly recommend buying this! It's awesome for at night when you're leaking everywhere but you HATE wearing bras to bed!
Nursing Cover. I didn't have one, I just used thin blankets. I regret it. Hannah would pull the blanket down constantly or pop out without warning and I was always terrified that I would flash someone. BUY a nursing cover! I love this one from Target, that way it can't be yanked off of me or pulled down past my chest.

What to Put on Your Registry
Other than the Basics listed above, there are so not so essential, 
yet still necessary items you'll want to put on your registry. Here's the list:

#1 Crib. Let's face it guys. You need a crib. At some point, you will need a crib. Here's a really cute one from Target--->Link here.
#2 Crib Mattress. 
#3 Changing Table.
#4 Changing Table Pad.
#5 Pack-n-Play (with bassinet). We used the bassinet as Hannah's bed for almost seven months. It worked well for us because we wanted to keep her in our room while I was still heavily nursing her and she grew so quickly that we almost got no use out of the traditional bassinet we borrowed. Pack-n-Play from Target.
#6 Baby Monitor. Think about whether or not you are going to have your infant in another room or not. We did not. We didn't co-sleep, but she slept in our room for over six months. We had no need for a monitor other than a basic one that we still use today. We use this monitor from Target.

#7 Stroller. I recommend the Chicco Liteway Stroller. It's similar to a  car seat carrier but can be used as a light weight stroller later on. I have loooved my stroller! It is so light weight and easier to fold, manage and carry. I loved that I could use it to carry her car seat as an infant and that it can still be used as her stroller now. It's very very compact and like I said, light weight! It's taller than an umbrella stroller and very comfortable for tall folks like me! :)
#8 Car Seat. Target car seat pictured above. Link here.
#9 Infant Carrier. This is something I wish that I had with Hannah. I had a sling and a basic carrier, but not a good one that we invested in. Invest in a good carrier. Try some on. Join a baby wearing group. Do your research. A friend of mine let me try her Lillebaby Carrier not too long ago. I even put Hannah in it (at 30 somethin' pounds) and it was comfortable! Hallelujah! A lot of carriers do not have good lumbar support (from my experience) and when trying out the Lillebaby Carrier, I could tell the difference. I'm getting it this go 'round!
#10 Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag - Back Pack. We were given a simply yet girly diaper bag before we had Hannah and as a gift to my husband, I bought this diaper bag. I thought it would be something that he wouldn't be embarrassed to carry around and I ended up LOVING it! It's so much easier to use than a giant purse! I found it easier to wear a back pack than carry all of her stuff on my shoulder.

#11 Head and Body Support Pillow. Essential. It will keep your precious and dainty little angel safe in his or her car seat! Can be found here at Target.
#12 Strap Covers. Can be found anywhere, but I love Target, so here's a link to Target ---> Strap Covers at Target
#13 Car Seat Canopy. I didn't have one of these with Hannah, but I can remember the countless times I threw a blanket over her entire car seat so that we wouldn't be cold, wet or blown away by the wind. I'll be investing in one this time.  
#14 Matching Decor. You will want everything to match eventually. Just sayin'. Even if it's just a color scheme, you'll want stuff to go together one day. Go ahead and register for it! I love this set at Target.

#15 Activity Mat. You will use this thing to it's death. Link here.
#16 Swing. You don't need a huge, hi-tech one. A basic will do. Most babies cannot tell the difference. We have one that is very similar to this one at Target.
#17 Bouncer. You will use it so often. Bouncers at Target.
#18 Exersaucer. Babies love this! Hannah played in it all the time, especially when I had stuff to do. I would plop her in it whenever I needed to take a shower or go to the bathroom or do some computer work. It's awesome. Target has some really cute ones ---> right here.

#19 Boppy. This is helpful for both nursing and formula feeding parents. It's the perfect pillow for your lap while holding your sweet baby, and goodness knows you'll be holding that baby a lot!
#20 Bumbo. This is also very helpful when feeding, doing chores, eating at the table together and whenever you just have a baby that likes to sit up. I used it all the time.
#21 Noise Maker. We never had one of these but from everyone I've heard, it's been a life saver. We just used our ceiling fan and humidifier for that. We might get one this round.
#22 Teethers. Yes, you need these. They will chew on something, anything they get their hands on! So go ahead and register for some! They have these really cool teething jewelry for infants at Target. I'm seriously debating buying a couple! 

#24 Bath Tub
#26 Baby Safety. 
#27 Cart & Highchair Cover.
#28 High Chair. We have used a space-saver high chair, simply because's a space saver! It's been awesome and makes for a good booster seat, too!

#29 Humidifier. You will use this so very often. Almost daily. 
#30 Wubbanub Pacifier. 
#31 Nosefrida Snot Sucker. You will get so much use out of this! My sister-in-law bought this for us and it has worked wonders! 
#32 Night Light or Lamp. It helps so you're not tripping over everything in your path.

#33 Pacifiers. I would suggest a wide selection of pacifiers. KEEP your hospital pacifier! For some reason, baby's love it! My Hannah has loved many a different pacifiers in her day. 
#34 Bottle Warmer. This comes in really handy, especially for those helping out with the baby. 
#35 Rocker or Recliner. I don't know about you, but I'm not a tiny little woman and my children was not tiny and never has been. Rockers and gliders have never had enough arm space for me and the wood arms are just uncomfortable. We have a recliner, not the one pictured here, but if I were to buy another one, THIS beautiful chair would be on my registry! It's so freakin' comfy and spacious! Trust me, you are going to be spending hours and hours rocking your baby and your husband will love you for this purchase as well! 
#36 Baby Gates.
For real, every so now and then I feel like we don't have enough baby gates. I love to put them up at the front and back doors so that I can open everything up on nice days and Hannah can't get out. More and more I realize that I really need to start keeping certain rooms baby-free, such as our bedroom. Our bedroom should be a sacred place that is kept fairly neat and clean. Although I love having my baby cuddle with us at night, sometimes it should just be baby-free. 
#37 Baskets for Organizing.


So, you might be wondering what's on MY registry for this baby #2. Well, I'm going to share it with you. A lot of what's on my registry is stuff I've lost, items that have been used to their full potential already or items that I really wish I had with Hannah.

I need:

A new car seat.
Strap covers (lost).
More fitted sheets.
More waterproof mattress pads.
More baskets for organizing the girl's room.
More teethers.
More gowns.
Baby caps (lost).
Head and body support (lost).
Activity mat (lost parts).
More hangers.
Bottle brush (lost).

I want:

More rings for the activity mat.
Lillebaby Infant Carrier (photo and link above).
Nursing Cover.
Night light.
Bedroom decor (like curtains and bed skirts).

So what's on YOUR registry?
What do YOU need for your new baby???

Did I miss anything? Let me know!