Life as of Lately

Well, well! It's been too long!

Life has been exploding it seems like. No, I'm just kidding! 
God has been surprising my husband and I in so many ways. However, he is providing for us as we go through this journey as His children. He is overwhelming us in His love and through His many blessings. We are speechless. Really. Speechless.

First things first: I am 13 weeks pregnant as of today! Yay!
Here is our little Junior Burger at 8 weeks! He/She was wiggling and dancing soooo much! Praise God! Heart rate of 174. 

Chris and I found out we were expecting one week before our one year anniversary! Crazy, huh?! 

Second awesome God-thing: We had to cut our anniversary trip a little short because of an interview my husband had. Well, it paid off! Three days later he was hired! Yay!

This means:

Third awesome God-thing: He has better pay, normal hours (finally!), AND we got to move back home to family! 

Yay! God is so good!

So again, we're speechless. 

I quit my job back in Americus just in time for that pregnancy fatigue to hit me hard, but I have high hopes as I reach the second trimester that things will get back on track and I get a little more productive. Let's pray that's true!

We love you all! Have a blessed week!

God bless!
~Mrs. S

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