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My priorities are becoming more and more about family and God.  Which is definitely where they should be. Therefore, I haven't worked so hard to get blog posts up for you guys! (Although I have plenty of drafts that will make their way to the blog hopefully soon!) But for now, I'm here to update you all on what's been happening in this life of mine! :) 

Listening to: klove radio station is where it's at! We've been trying to turn the tv on less. Survival mode during pregnancy really made that a habit.

Reading: Bible. A whole lot of Bible. God has continually told me to wake up and spend time with Him before I spend time with others, and so I've been trying my best to get up every morning. This means 5:30 am for me! I love mornings. I love watching the sunrise and how peaceful it can be.

Thinking About: I have been thinking a lot about marriage and parenting. Chris and I know so many people right now who are struggling in their marriages because of affairs and porn and bitterness and it has really become a passion of mine (ours) to start praying for marriages more, as well as really working on our own. 

As for parenting, Hannah has officially hit the terrible twos and oh my word, she is a handful! I've heard people talk about how children behave differently towards their moms and yea...they are right. Hannah can be the sweetest little angel for everyone and then I come around and seem to draw out a little booger head. She likes to scream at me all day long, pinch me, punch me, growl at me, pull my hair, bite me, lick me, push me, pull me over, and grab my legs. Chris and I finally found a disciplining technique that was working for us and for Hannah. Things were going so much better with our little amazon princess warrior, and then it was like a switch went off sometime last week and she all of the sudden stopped listening to us. 

God has been telling me to slow down and stay home more often than not and I am finally doing better at that. My husband's car broke down this week and I had to go two whole days without a car. TWO WHOLE DAYS. I almost died. ...bahahaha... I'm joking. Anyways, my two car-less days were very humbling and yet they were exactly what we needed. I think sometimes we as sahm's are constantly trying to find ways to stay busy and keep our little ones entertained, but that's not really our job. Our job is to slow down enough to love, teach and listen. We have a harder time doing that whenever we're constantly on the road, trying to find stuff to do and people to hang out with.

There's a lot on my mind but I can't seem to write all down. We'll just sum up my thoughts to: parenting, marriage, and God. 

Thankful for: I am so incredibly thankful for my husband. He's just the best there is! He is selfless, patient and ridiculously gentle. He has had so much patience for me, dealing with all my craziness of pregnancy, postpartum hormones and new mom of two hormonal craziness. Women are just straight crazy!! Haha...I joke...kind of. 

I am thankful for God's presence. I am thankful for His peace and guidance. I am so happy that my thoughts aren't as clogged as they were a few months ago. I am so happy that I can hear Him clearly once again. I am so so thankful for His grace. Without it, I wouldn't be in this beautiful place I am today.

Where you can find me this week: At home!!! I am trying my hardest to slow down and just BE at home with my little ones. It's very easy to leave home and try to find other stuff to do, but I'm learning that my girls and I need to slow down and take it easy. We're over doing it. So with that said, you can find us at home! :)

So what have YOU been up to these past few weeks? 
It's been FOREVER!

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