Why I've Stopped Reading Parenting Articles

God has certainly been laying this on my heart for several months now... slow down, stay home, be content. 

It is so hard in this culture, to be content. 
There are people everywhere you look with incredible talents, great looks, and wonderful careers! There is always something or someone to be jealous of! 

I have fought so hard this calling to slow down, stay home and be content. I've been in "survival mode" you see and I haven't "had the energy" to STAY HOME or SLOW DOWN. Makes total sense, doesn't it! Sarcasm there. 

We have recently had many car troubles with our eldest car (made in '91) and it has given me more opportunities to stay at home and be content. It's been in the shop for a few days and today we finally sold it for parts. It wasn't worth fixing up.

Now that we only have one car, I am forced to be obedient to what God has been calling me to. Slow down. Stay home. Be content. 

I was terrified of what would happen. What if we go insane? What if my house looks ten times worse than it already does? What if Hannah can't seem to ever play by herself? What about all our playgroups? What will happen when I have to run errands? What if...

It's only been a week and I can confidently say that 
That's right. GOD knows what HE is doing! He has a plan! 

In my time "stuck at home", things have automatically gotten slower. I've had to be content, otherwise I'm going to make myself sick about what my life is NOT. Anyways...there IS a point to all this and it DOES relate to Parenting Articles! Haha!

God has placed in each one of us, all that we need to live the life that He has called us to (1 Peter 2:3). But here's the kicker!!! We have to SLOW DOWN long enough to listen to what He's telling us to do. We have to SLOW DOWN long enough to listen to our children. Often we lead such busy lives that we don't realize what our children really need or even what our children are capable of! 

Since staying home, my relationship with Hannah has grown sooo much! We understand each other far more than we ever have. It's because I've taken the time, that I can listen to her two year old mumbo jumbo and totally understand what she wants and needs! Even her deepest desires and needs! I'm starting to see them! 

She asked me at least five times this afternoon if she could watch Clifford. I told her no each time. For all you mama's in survival mode...guess what happened! She had MORE FUN playing around the house than she would have watching tv. 

Did you know that tv lowers your discernment? Huh! It makes sense to me! know what's best for your little ones! Everyone in the world has an opinion about everything in the world, but only YOU know what's best for your family. My Hannah is different than every other person on the planet. My Charlotte is different than every other person on the planet. My husband is different than every other person on the planet. So am I. So are you. My relationship with my husband is different than every other marriage in the world. Your relationship with your spouse is different than every other marriage in the world. 

So with all these differences in the world, what makes us think that we can pick up a book, google weird questions, or read all the parenting articles in the world and find our "answer"??? We won't. 

So I've stopped reading all the Parenting Articles that come my way. You know the ones! "How I Potty-Trained My One Year Old in Less Than a Week!" "How to Teach Your Children About ____" "Making Your Strong Willed Child Listen" I know them all! TRUST ME! I'm a big "researcher"!

Now that my day-to-day is slowing down, I'm realizing that I had nothing to fear! God blessed me with the ability to understand my daughters. He blessed me with the opportunity to know them more. When I understand and know them, then I can better teach and encourage them as young women for Christ! What an awakening! 

I don't need any of those parenting articles, magazines, and blog posts! Though some are definitely encouraging and informative, God planted within me everything I need to know concerning MY DAUGHTERS. I just need to slow down, stay home, be content...and listen.

Be encouraged, you know what's best for your little ones!

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