Update on Life

Hey guys! I am alive! It's been a while.

I have SO much updating to do: session previews, full sessions, new recipes and Project 365. However, more importantly is my sanity and day-to-day peace and joy.

Lately I have felt overwhelmed with life. My thought process has been so chaotic, it's unbelievable. I simply desire to have my sanity and peace back. I got off facebook last week and I hope to stay away from the facebook world for a little while longer. It is actually quite a relief not having to read so many updates. I even turned my phone off for a solid week! I did not even charge it, so that I could only use it during emergencies. I cannot believe how much that helped me gain peace.

I am sure many of you who read this know that I got hitched back in August. I feel like I am re-learning how to live life. I am learning what routine works best for me. Being A.D.D. and very much an introvert, it makes it a difficult and aggravating process. However, life is getting better. I am getting the hang of things.


I certainly pray and hope that your days have been full of much joy and happiness!

You will hear more from me now. I have much to post and much to say!

God Bless!
~Mrs. S

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  1. I will always Encourage and Support you in all endeavors


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