Engagement // Tracy + Jason


Can I just say how much I LOVE love?! It's the smiles that can't seem to help but seep through! The laughter that doesn't quit! The giggles when he simply doesn't take his eyes off of her! The way he blushes! The way she shyly looks down with that smile on her face! The way they can't take their hands off of each other! The way they stubble around as if they just met the best person in the world!
It's a beautiful thing. ♥

I met Tracy when I was entering in at my freshman year in college. She and I "buddied up" as we got to visit our campus a month or so from our first day of college. Through last minute changes, we ended up being roommates. She's the best roommate a girl could have. I had the most laughs during those months, made some of the sweetest friends and gained a new home away from home. Tracy was and always has been a blessing in my life. We bonded quickly. That bond still lives even though we now live separate lives in separate locations. I love this girl! She is a fantastic woman with a gentle and sweet spirit, with a fiery attitude on occasion!

This session was the first time I've met Jason and I've never seen Tracy so happy, giggly, and girly!

Side note: The more I photograph couples, the more I fall in love with love. It is a beautiful thing and a wonderful sight! I could never get tired of it! It's addictive!

Jason, I don't know you very well at all, but I see how happy you make Tracy and how happy you are to hold her in your arms. It warms my heart knowing that Tracy has such a loving, caring, gentle and courageous man in her life! I know without a doubt that you will treat her well! You two will always be on my heart and in my prayers! I pray blessings for the both of you as you continue this journey together!
Tracy, I love you girl! You are so stunning and hardworking! You will make an excellent wife! 

Enjoy, everyone!

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