Enjoying Lindsay Adler's Mini Course: Posing 101

I have recently come across this mini course for photographers by Lindsay Adler. It is a free three-part course that, what do you know, covers the general "rules" for posing people! I was looking forward to learning so many new and awesome tips, but I've received so much MORE!

I've been encouraged to speak with confidence!
I've just watched the first video of this mini course: Posing Do's and Don'ts. Lindsay Adler explains herself so well! I have learned many of these tips over the years and they work wonders! However, I have always struggled with confidence in myself and in my work. It is so encouraging listening to Lindsay speak with confidence, yet with a humility to teach and learn! I have always felt that confidence, in my personal life, was a bad thing. I'm learning only this past year (believe it or not) that it's not! Listening to her speak reminds me that this is my job and that confidence plays a HUGE role in how I operate!
No one wants their photographer to approach their session with "I don't know" or "let's just see how it turns out". I know I wouldn't! I'd want my photographer to lead me in the right direction; to tell me how to pose and hold myself, to show me the best way to pose with my husband if he were present in the session, and maybe even be so bold enough as to explain to me WHY I'm being told to do what I'm doing. After all, it's part of their job description, right?
It is O K A Y to be confident! You as the clients, you NEED someone who knows what they're doing, what they're talking about and knows how to create for you the best image of yourself! It is O K A Y for me to be confident in my career! I really need to keep reminding myself of this!
Until next time.
Stephanie Strasburger

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