As is stated in my profile, I am engaged. Well, my fiance and I picked a date in May...AUGUST 6TH, 2011!! I am SUPER excited! It has been a long wait, and I still cannot grasp the idea of becoming his wife!

What we have accomplished so far:

Booked ceremony venue
Booked reception venue
Booked photographer
Booked caterer
Bought/Received wedding gown & accessories

We have many things to finish! As of right now, we have to pick an invitation design, finish the guest list, buy decorations, order bridesmaid dresses, order groomsmen vests, order materials to make invitations, and other items necessary for the details of the wedding.

The wedding ceremony and reception are both going to be held in a barn right outside of town. :) Chris and I are both ecstatic about the location! I visited the first time, then brought him the second time and he loved it! The venue is a very cozy environment. It is a ten a.m. wedding, so it will be fairly nice weather. I can't say enough about the venue! I love love love it!

Our youth pastor from our senior year in high school is going to be our officiant. We are SO blessed to have such a wonderful man marry us! He has been a HUGE part in our growth as children of God. God used this man to make us soldiers that KNOW where we stand. God used this man to teach us to be warriors for Christ. Therefore, his position as our officiant is a MAJOR blessing and excitement!

Chris and I are growing every day...duh! :) We have our ups and downs but that is a result of being together for so long. We are learning more and more that we don't understand each other like we thought we did. ...haha! Some of you may understand that! We are still crazy about each other! We cannot wait to get married! We are excited about the journey God has for us once we are married! He has many many plans for us and he is constantly giving us more confidence in Him, praise Jesus!!

Anywho...I certainly hope that each of you are doing well! May the grace of God fill your days!!

In Christ.

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