A is for Apple

I am always trying to find new ways (daily ways) to practice photography. I'm not so good about keeping my camera at my side at all times. I don't practice nearly as much as I should. So I decided to try an ABC photo diary. 

(I've tried Project 365, the photo-a-day, and I kinda suck at it so I'm trying something new!)

Basically, I take a picture (or a few) of whatever letter I am on for the day (or week, whatever works out). Today was the letter A. 

These pictures may not have any real reason behind them other than "it looks cool" and "it's right there." Just being honest. :) 

So TODAY here are my pictures. I used my telephoto lens for these. One day I hope to get a macro lens. I LOVE macro shots!

(My laptop is an Asus. So A for Asus! Haha!)

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