Good Ol' July

It's the 1st of July! This week we celebrate the birth of our country.
Let's start by enjoying each day and each joy it brings!

My husband and I are anticipating the arrival of my brother and his sweet girlfriend. They are coming down tomorrow. Yay! So we have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! Our house looks awesome and very home-like all because of my amazing husband. Thanks baby! 

In the mean time, I decided to make a rice bake (below). Yum! 
Recipe: Brown rice, corn, tomatoes, green onions, garlic powder, orange peppers, kidney beans, pinto beans, chicken broth (I'm used to making it with beef broth but we didn't have any), salt, water, butter, and LOTS of pepper! Put it on 350-375 and let it go until the rice soaks up all the liquid (30-45 minutes).

I baked while Chris fixed our puppy's bed--My husband the sewer! Our puppy Riley just slept during it all, but I guess she deserves it after being outside in the heat all morning! However, I did get her to play with me some later on today. Check out the video I have at the bottom on the post! It was all fun and games until she saw the puppy (herself) on my laptop screen. I think it scared her a little bit! Well, at least enough for her to lay there unsure of what to do. 

♥ Enjoy your Sunday evening! ♥

I bought impatiens not too long ago. They have bloomed so wonderfully until this summer heat decided that it was time to kill them. I had to bring them in because the heat was seriously destroying them! Sad day. So I got to work pruning them, watering them and adding a coffee grounds fertilizer. I hope they perk up soon!

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