Calling All Models!!!

Meet Hannah.

Hannah is always willing to help me practice my photography! I could never complain when dealing with her. She is always so patient with me and not afraid to try anything new!

I am ALWAYS in need of "guinea pigs" just like Hannah! Individuals (or friends even) who are interested in modeling and helping me learn and practice new techniques, poses, lights, etc. PLEASE contact me if you are in the area and are interested in helping me out!

My e-mail is or You can Message me via my Facebook Page.

When you contact me, give me your name and number and I will contact you whenever I have a need for a model or "guinea pig"! :)

Here is a small list of the models I can ALWAYS use:

Females -- to help me with, well, everything!!
Males -- men always use different poses than women
Infant/Newborn -- to help me with poses, techniques, lights and detailed shots
Best friends -- to help me with poses
Active children -- to help me photograph motion :)
Couples -- to help me with poses, lights, techniques, etc. 

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