Engagement // Kia + Cameron

Kia and Camera. Wow! 
This session was my first time meeting these two. It's always nerve-racking (at least for me and my shy,  introverted self) meeting new people (let alone clients!). You never know what they're going to be like. Well these two lovely individuals were just wonderful! They spent so much of their time laughing, talking, giggling and flirting! Their playfulness toward each other made it so much fun photographing them!
And did I mention they have the cutest and sweetest little lady! She was so adorable and such great helper! She assisted by shouting out poses for her parents. "smile!" "kiss!" "hug each other"
I sincerely had a BLAST with this sweet family!

Kia, Cameron, Christian...thank you so much for the opportunity to capture the joy and love you have for each other! It's so very contagions. It really is! I am so happy for you both! I am praying many blessings for you as you continue this journey of life together!


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