Monday Madness | Doctor Visits

Well, apparently we missed Hannah's check up today. Haha...what a day!

I recently came down with a rash. Gross, I know. It started behind my ears but this morning when I woke up, it was all over me! My eyes were so swollen that they were almost completely closed. My husband received permission to stay home from work, so he went with me to the doctor. My mom was awesome for taking care of Hannah for that hour and a half! I thought it was an allergic reaction to my new shampoo and body wash but the doctor said it was a fungus. Has anybody had this before? It's one of the most embarrassing things to say..."fungus"...but it really just means that my body's pH levels changed somehow. Who knows! So they've put me on antibiotics and hopefully within the week it will clear up.

My husband, Hannah and I stayed at my parents house since they were keeping Hannah's cousin for the day. I laid around like a sick woman while my mom and husband were being awesome caretakers. I watched the Croods while the little ones ran around causing trouble. It's such a cute movie by the way! We then played yahtzee and after playing two games, I took a nice nap on the couch. A few times I had kids run up to my face a scream hoping to get my attention. My nephew wanted me to hold him and my daughter hit me in the head a few times trying to get me to look at her. All in all they actually left me alone longer than usual!

It was a long day, simply because I wasn't feeling my best. I still don't, but thank the Lord, my Provider and my Rest, for family that loves and cares so much!

Now if only I can remember to take Hannah to her check-up in the morning!

God bless!

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