Daddy Power

Okay...I'm a stay-at-home mom. I'm all about mom power, because I think that moms do so much more than the world gives them credit for, but I do have to say...



Like I said, I am all for "mom power", but I haven't recently gotten tired of seeing so many pictures, videos and articles based solely for moms because I feel like we've forgotten about the dads.

First off, we praise and try to remind everyone in the world about the important work of stay-at-home moms (or moms in general), but what about stay-at-home dads? What about single dads?

What about the dads?

There are single dads out there, that do the work of many. That slave all day and come home to take care of their children for the rest of their 24 hours.
There are dads who want badly to be with their children every day but for some reason they can't.
There are dads who work their butts off, so that their families can have the best life possible. They come home at the end of a long day and love on their families, despite what they're been through that day.

Without hardworking fathers, stay-at-home moms wouldn't get the opportunity to do as much for their families and homes. THAT'S THE TRUTH!

Without my husband, I wouldn't be able to do all that I do. I would be stuck at a job that I, honestly, probably wouldn't enjoy. At least not as much as I enjoy being home with my little girl.

There are so many things that fathers go through that we don't hear about that often, if at all. I know that there are many things that my husband goes through at work, that he doesn't bring home. I am grateful that he doesn't always burden us with his work struggles, but at the same time...just think about all the hardships that they face that we don't know about!

Fathers are selfless men. They do what's best for their family, despite their own desires. They work hard at home and away from home. They deserve as much praise as moms. They deserve as much recognition as moms. 

So, to the fathers all over the world, thank you! Thank you for all that you do! Your hard labor in the home and away from home are not forgotten! You do so much for us so that we can live in peace and in safety! We admire you and we look up to you! You are so humble in all that you do and you never miss a beat! You provide a grand life for your family! You are PERFECT to us! THANK YOU!!!

To my husband, Chris: You are such a humble, hard-working man. You provide so many wonderful opportunities and experiences for us and you cherish seeing our joy. I love that about you! A lot of what you do goes unnoticed and without praise, but I pray daily that God will help me see all that you do, especially the behind-the-scenes stuff! You sacrifice so much for us! Without you, I would not get to be this stay-at-home mom for Hannah and our soon-to-be little one. I love my job as a mom and I am so grateful that you allow me to do this full-time! You are so good to me, to Hannah and to Charlie. All of your hard-work is such a blessing to us and it is not forgotten! You are amazing! I could never thank you enough!!!


Let's love on the dads in our lives today! Let's remember all the unseen and unspoken work that they do! If you have to write a list of all the things he does for you family, then do it. Praise him for all his efforts! He is a hard-working man, even if today he isn't reaching your standards! 

Tell me something great about the fathers in your life!!!

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