Living the Mundane Life

So, I have wanted to write about this for a while now, but it never felt complete and I never felt as if it ever made any sense, or if it was even beneficial in any way.

Is it ironic that as I started writing about my mundane life, I was also writing about how it's never the same and that there is always joy in the little moments? Haha! Can you tell I haven't been able to get my thoughts straight?

I scratched all of my old writings out, then started to write a list: So what makes my life mundane?

I noticed something in my list...

I'm never satisfied with the way things happen. (Okay, maybe not "never", but you get the picture.) What makes my life mundane is that I'm always wanting it to be something MORE.

MORE thrilling
MORE adventerous 
MORE influential
MORE extraordinary
MORE fill in the blank

I want it to be more meaningful (or at least, I want to feel like it is).
I want to feel as if I am making an impact...changing lives. 

(That sounds silly writing it out now.)

I guess that before I had Hannah, I always felt like the job of a mom was extraordinary. I mean, look at all the moms we look up to! They impacted our lives and changed our hearts in such a powerful way! We will always remember them! 

As a new mom, I have felt as if my job is mundane. I would never say worthless...but I also wouldn't say extraordinary or inspirational. Mundane would be a good word, I guess. I do the same things over and over again every single day. I struggle with motivation, selflessness, name it! 

But I forgot that it's in the mundane where God grows us the most. 
We learn the mundane.
We learn the mundane.
We learn the mundane.
We learn real the mundane.
We learn the mundane.
We learn how to really obey the mundane.
We learn how to really pursue the mundane.
We learn how to be the mundane.

A mom's job is extraordinary!!! We encourage hearts, teach minds, and change hearts every single day! 

I have failed to understand this, especially lately. I have failed to see that a mother's job---to encourage, teach and change hearts---happens in the mundane! 

Mama, please be encouraged! Your job is so very important! 

You inspire the lives of so many, 
simply because you strive so hard IN the mundane!
You find JOY in the mundane and HOPE in
 the mundane and MOTIVATION in the mundane! 
YOU INSPIRE little hearts every single day because of the love you show through the mundane!

Take a moment to think about the impact that your mom or mother-figure made on your life. She went through the same stuff you're going through! She hid in another room just so she wouldn't scream at you. She cried because she felt as if nothing she did mattered that day. She had trouble waking up some mornings and on occasion stuffed her head under a pillow wishing you would stop crying. She sat on the floor feeling defeated. 

...but she also taught you the values of life. She taught you about love and what it should look like. She encouraged you, inspired you, helped you, comforted you, listened to you, corrected you, guided you and made a huge impact on your heart.

Mama, you are doing exactly that in the lives of your children. Even though some days may feel boring, mundane, routine, or even frustrating,...know are changing the lives of the little ones in your home! They may not see it anytime soon, but I guarantee you that one day...they will. Have hope!

I am speaking to myself when I say all this. 
Have hope. Be encouraged. Your job is more 
important than you could ever comprehend. It may seem dull now, 
but one day...I will see what God was doing all those "mundane" years. 

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isa. 55:9

Are you living the mundane life?

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