I'm getting married in 21 days and I don't think it's hit me yet. This man that I have the privilege of marrying is possibly the most wonderful person I have ever met.

We have grown so much together. We left high school knowing we were getting married, already receiving counsel and guidance from married adults we both looked up to. Those of you who are engaged or married know that something changes whenever you get engaged. It's like a switch turns on or something. We struggled so often with what life path to take. When a person gets to college they want to experience life and find out where they want to go and what they want to do. Well, we kind of already chose our path before we had the chance to "find ourselves." That's okay, though. It has brought us so much closer than we ever could have expected. Chris and I have been accountability partners without even realizing it. We got to college knowing what our ultimate goals were and often reminded each other of those goals. We have kept each other on the path to the life we ultimately want.

Chris and I struggled with doubt many times. Do we really want to get married? Do we really want to be together forever? What if we just took a break and experience life first? No. Not an option. We are committed and always have been. (Thank Jesus!) I am so grateful for Chris. He is such a good friend and a great reminder of God's love for me.

I wish I could tell you all that God has done in our lives. We are growing. That's as simple as I can state it. We are growing...together. Lately I have become simply overwhelmed by all that God has done in our lives and in our hearts and minds. He has healed us from so many things. He has changed our minds and our hearts about certain issues in marriage. It is a bit too personal to write about on the internet, but it is truly amazing! God is so good!

God is making Chris more and more of a leader is a wonderful thing to watch. He is taking charge and he doesn't even realize it. It's so cool!

We are growing up! This is such a beautiful process!

I will tell you this, I am really looking forward to the day I can finally be his wife! I am so honored to know that one day I will be his spouse. ....Hmm...Mrs. Strasburger. Mrs. Stephanie Strasburger. haha! So excited!

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