That's What Friends Are For

I have spent a lot of my summer vacation either cleaning, editing or doing well, nothing. Bummer. That is the consequence of living in a small town. Don't get me wrong, I love my home and I love all the people I have come to know here, but let me tell you...Wal-Mart gets boring after a while! This town comes alive a little more during the school year, being a college town and all, but during the's so quiet! Then once and a while you remember one or two people that are still here in town doing nothing all day long ALSO!

Well, Devon's not one of those. Haha! She has a full-time job along with summer classes. She's doing a good job keeping herself busy during this "summer break." However, once out of work she sometimes gets bored, really bored...and that's where I come in.

I make her help me with my crafts!

Elmer's Glue + Water = frosty glass jars... Yay! 
You should have seen how hers turned out! Haha! We stood there and laughed for a minute or three.
We made these with the mason jars that hold all my utensils! I can't wait to show the finished products to you!
Yay for open shelves! ♥
I also tried to make glitter right before she came. Apparently you can bake any type of salt at 350 degrees (I used table salt because I couldn't find our Epsom Salt) and use it as glitter! Cool, huh?! I put green food coloring in one bowl of salt. It turned out blue though, hm. Oh well.

Oh yea, we watched The Tale of Desperaux while getting creative! I ♥ that movie!

My dogs favorite spot to lay...wherever I'm standing. (That's the blue salt while I was stirring in the green food coloring.)
Making cheese-y bites! Yum! (Courtesy of Devon)
Trying to get Riley to sit and stay while Devon takes a picture of her. (Courtesy of Devon.)

My cute little puppy wuppy! ♥ She's becoming better behaved every day.

Enjoy your weekend folks! I know I will!

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