Wedding // Tyler & Cassidy Crowley

Well, this is long overdo! 
My friends Tyler and Cassidy got hitched! ♥ Yay!

I have known these two beautiful people since my senior year in high school. Youth group brought us, and many others, together. We are as close as family. I love these two {and everyone else in our Byron group}. These two are such loving people. They have a patience and compassion that is a rarity among the human race. Tyler and Cassidy have such tender and forgiving hearts. It is such a beautiful thing to witness! After saying all this, you can understand why it was such an honor for me to be able to shoot at their wedding! 

Tyler and Cassidy, thank you so much for the opportunity to capture your wedding! It was such a peaceful wedding, before, during and after. The love that you two have is extraordinary. I haven't seen you two very often and during all of the chaos of your wedding day I saw so much of your genuine compassion for people. It's truly amazing. God is doing so much through you two and I know without a shadow of a doubt that He will continue that good work through you. Don't ever give up. Continue to put Christ first, as He is the center and foundation of any and all relationships. You are both wonderful people and I am so blessed to call you my friends! 

Enjoy friends!

God bless!

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