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Hi Everyone!

I know, I know. A lot is changing. Let me explain.

I named my work Sunshine Photography a long time ago, simply because I could. I was having fun day-dreaming about becoming a photographer. I always loved natural light and outdoors photography, so I named it Sunshine. I could never imagine making it something like Stephanie's Photography or The Photography of Stephanie Gillespie. It just didn't flow right, and besides, my name would soon be changed to Strasburger.

I have so many ways in which I need to progress. I have so much to learn as a photographer. I see so many photographers whose company names relate to the individual photographer and I like that. I want my clients to know there photographer as a unique individual, not a company. Therefore I have decided (after months of swaying) to change this photography business to Strasburger Photography.

There are many more steps along the way: business cards, a copyright, watermark and a legitimate website.

I know, I could have been working on this so much sooner, but what a perfect time to start!

So here we go! From this day forward, Sunshine Photography will be known as Strasburger Photography!

Sunshine Photography  --->  Strasburger Photography

God bless!
Stephanie Strasburger
Photographer at Strasburger Photography

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