Baby Strasburger

Some of you may know, some of you may not, but my husband Chris and I are due in April with our very first! EEK!!! We are having a little girl and have decided to name her Hannah Emerson. Hannah means "grace" and Emerson means "brave and powerful". I didn't realize 'til AFTER we picked her middle name, that Emerson is ALSO my grandpa's middle name. Aw! So it works out perfectly! ♥

We are slowly working our way towards preparing our apartment for the arrival of our newest family member. My husband has put together her crib (still needs a mattress) and we have started clearing out her room. What used to be a storage room now looks more like a little one's bedroom. ♥ We still have lots of work to do, but we are making progress! It doesn't help that my pregnant self is feeling more, well, pregnant! 

In the past month I have put on a few more pounds, gotten a lot less flexible and a lot less mobile! It's humorous some days and others it's slightly less funny. As of today I am 32 weeks pregnant with eight long weeks to go! My baby girl is getting cramped in there and trying to elbow her way out, but it's not happening just yet! Not if I can help it!

Here's the little angel herself, and my growth so far in this pregnancy! (I like documenting these things!) ♥

Hannah at 19weeks! Me at 15weeks vs 31weeks!

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