Little by Little

Everyday it seems as if there is more to get done. One less day until we meet our little angel. ♥
Our storage room has to some how be transformed into her bedroom and a countless other things need to be put together and put up. I can't believe it's coming so soon! It seems like just yesterday I was trembling because I found out I was expecting! I remember shaking running to my mom (Chris was out of town that night) to tell her the news. I just cried. I just broke down and cried. 

I remember the first day we got to see our sweet little princess. She was so tiny. Of course she was! I was only eight weeks and two days! I remember feeling my first sense of pride when the nurses exclaimed how rare it was to see such an active fetus. Our little wiggler was dancing throughout the entire ultrasound! At eight weeks! ♥ Hearing her heartbeat, stopped MY heartbeat! I've never been an emotional wreck, but I'm pretty sure I started to tremble and hold back tears. Wow! There's a life growing inside of me! It wasn't long before I felt her kick, either. I never felt flutters like they say you will. 

At sixteen weeks, baby Hannah was kicking me with all her strength! Constantly. I was so proud to hear, again, how rare it is to feel that much kicking at that early stage. My baby's AWESOME! That's all I have to say! ♥ By the time we had her second and final ultrasound, I was convinced that she was a she. I told my husband, Chris, that I was going to continue buying girl clothing until I was proven otherwise! Her ultrasound came along and Chris, my sister and I gazed into the computer as the ultrasound technician showed us her face, hands and feet. ♥♥♥ It turns out all that kicking was actually her punching me! Wow! She is apparently one VERY active little lady! :)

So my husband and I stood behind our cake. I'm pretty sure that I was dreaming as Chris cut into the cake. He was giving all of our friends and family a short speech. "Stephanie thinks this is a girl, and I agree with her. She is the mom and all." It was PINK!!! Ahh! I couldn't have been more excited! We then proceeded to tell everyone that her name is going to be Hannah Emerson. Which means "grace", "brave and powerful".
Everyday since then has brought new joys, new lessons, new excitement and new hope! I have been blessed with a fairly easy-going far. Other than the fact that I can't bend very well and Tums are my new midnight snack, I'm doing great! :) I am enjoying every minute of each day as it gets closer to her arrival.
Ahh! I can't wait to meet her, to see her cute little nose, lips, eyes, toes, belly and hands! sigh... just give or take seven more weeks! 

In the mean time...I'm totally buying cutsie things for her room! ♥

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