DIY Scarf & Lamp

I am learning more and more that I am definitely someone who needs a schedule. I am what they call A.D.D. and I can be so much more productive if I plan to focus on certain chores during certain times.

Anyways, I am starting to understand what works best for me. One thing I learned in the past week, is to do my crafts first thing. That way, if I have to wait on something to dry I can go about my business and come back later. Basic. I know. I hate writing down a schedule because I have such a hard time following them and then when I look back at it in the evening I feel a little guilty knowing I didn't do "what I planned" to do. Christ has been so wonderful to me as to give me the clarity it takes to know what I should do and when I should do it.

Lately I have awakened to the smell of coffee and for some reason, the warmth that it brings (any warm drink, really) allows me to sit back and embrace the day. Then as I finish my coffee I start with my simplest of chores. Picking up trash, putting the dishes in the sink, making my bed...etc. Next I start/finish a diy project in which I dreamed about up until that point. The rest of my day involves chores on my to-do list and the occasion break where I can sit down, pick my feet up and possibly drink another cup of coffee. I choose to work all throughout the day and take a long break around dinner time so that I can spend time with my family. Possibly watch an episode of Chuck or NCIS. Family favorites. Then after everyone gets into bed, I take a few minutes to tidy the house so as to be clean when I wake up.

It has taken years to find a system that works for me. Not that this will work for the rest of my life, but as for now, it will do. ♥

Okay, enough of my rambling. I have had a few items in which I have really wanted to remake or reuse for a while now. Two white t-shirts and a lamp. So, I turned my t-shirts into an infinity scarf (one giant circle scarf) and I revamped my lamp.

1. Doubled up.  2. Tripled

LOVE the revamp!

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