I do not use Photoshop.
I am an amateur and I cannot afford Photoshop. However, I do use a program called Photo Explosion which I found at Target for much less.
Anyways, I do not have much time to experiment with Photo Explosion. I dream of one day having a program that can help to make my pictures POP. I have had a few opportunities lately to really sit down at work on simply "perfecting" one photo. I tend to take a billion pictures of my best friend Rachel, so I thought I would play with one of hers.

Here is the original...

Here is my edited version (with Photo Explosion)...

I would just like to say that I did not whiten her eyes. I brightened, yes, but I did not make them extra white. Her eyes just naturally POP.

MUCH better if I do say so myself! :)   ♥

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