More Green Family Session

My sincerest apologies. I have had, in short, a crazy and busy couple of weeks. I have not had much time to edit and even less time to post what I have edited. However, things are picking up (all thanks to God my Father). Not that I have anything less on my plate, but Christ has helped me to manage those things in a much more productive way. I have definitely more peace and clarity all because of my beloved Savior.

Here are a few more Green Family photos in which I promised a week ago. Again, my apologies.

The Greens are family friends. I have known them since I was a toddler. We went to the same church as children and went to Awanas together. Charis (the Greens second oldest) and I grew up as friends. We went to sleep-overs together and if I remember correctly, one of our last sleep-overs involved her birthday and the Lord of the Rings II. Haha! Great times!

I have taken pictures with Charis and her family previously and so when her mother asked if I could take pictures of all of her children, I was really excited! I love this family!

I had a ton of fun taking all of your pictures! You all are hilarious and brought me so much joy during this session! Thank you for allowing me this opportunity! I hope you enjoy!

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