Project 365

For those of you who love to document things, this could be of interest to you! People all over the world are doing what's called Project 365.

It's simple... take a picture of something you do or see every single day for 365 straight days, and POST it. The link above gives more information and has a list of websites used to connect to others doing it. Yay!

I am starting TODAY, on December 26th. By next Christmas I will have taken a picture every single day. I decided that I will post ONCE a week on this site as to not overwhelm you. I am so excited! Seeing as I am posting the first picture here, I will start posting on Mondays.

Take this as an opportunity to get to know me and what I do on a daily basis!

So here it goes, my FIRST picture of Project 365!

I'm feeing crafty! Today I am starting my L♥VE AT FIRST SIGHT frame project!

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