Sibling Session: Monica and Leah

I have known Leah and Monica since...oh, who knows! We have known each other almost our entire lives. We all grew up in homeschooling. I eventually went to a private school, but in elementary and middle school I was home schooled. (I HIGHLY recommend homeschooling.) See, some counties have home school groups or co-op groups. They hold an abundance of classes and activities. It's great! We were in the same group and eventually attended the same church. Basically, we have known each other "forever."

Monica and I had some of the same friends, so we have kept in touch on and off over the years. She recently started attended the same University as me! However, she got hitched this past March, yay! Her and her hubby now live in Germany. She is visiting for the holidays and wanted to get some pictures with her sister, Leah!

We had a lot of fun! Monica and Leah have such cool personalities, which make it easy to capture their joy and love for each other as sisters! It's great!

Thank you Leah and Monica for allowing me to take your pictures! You two are such beautiful women. Keep the faith and walk strongly in Christ as you enter into this coming year. God loves you SO much! I have no doubt that he has great things in store for each of you!

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