Thrift Stores and Flea Markets

I love love LOVE thrift stores (and flea markets)! Now, it can be difficult for some to find the more up-to-date fashions at thrift stores, but if you are into the vintage and classy look, thrift stores actually have a lot of choices.

I visit the local thrift store/flea market every time I am visiting my parents and I find tons of good stuff there, especially skirts and cardigans.

Here are some facts about thrift store shopping:

Fact #1: Cardigans can be found at just about every thrift store, Goodwill and Salvation Army. So if you are addicted to cardigans like I am, start visiting these stores. They will probably be anywhere from $5 to 50 cents. That is WAY better than buying a $20 cardigan from Old Navy! Especially when you will probably find some from Old Navy at your Goodwill for A LOT less.

Fact #2: A lot of thrift stores (Goodwill and Salvation Army included) carry the classic high-waisted pencil skirts. I buy these pencil skirts at the local thrift store for $1 a piece and in all different colors and patterns!

Fact #3: High-waisted skirts are not for everyone, I know. A lot of thrift stores (most to all) carry A-line skirts of all different lengths, patterns and colors. I have bought many of these as well for $4 or less.

Fact #4: For the men, there are PLENTY of NICE button-up collared shirts at EVERY thrift store. The issue is that you are going to have to take the time to look! I bought my husband 4 long-sleeve button-up shirts for his birthday and it cost me a total of $12. Guess what? Some of them were Ralph Lauren!

Fact #5: I know that some men nowadays like to wear cardigans/sweaters, well, they have those, too! My brother has received many cardigans through my friend and me, which we found at the local flea market ($1 a piece) and Salvation Army ($2 a piece). That's a good deal!

Fact #6: Women, you just bought a $3 dress from Goodwill. You liked the style, but the pattern and colors don't really suit you. Well then, an option would be to dye it to a color that you would prefer. Then, your dress would be of a solid color, your choice! Don't think of it as buying a $20 dress, but buying a $3 dress. You now can afford to make it your own, completely unique.

Fact #7: Always be open minded about the pieces you look at. Remember that a different top can change the look of any skirt, and a different cardigan can change the look of any shirt. Remember that you can alter the clothes you get. If the skirt you bought was $1 and you aren't shirt you like it, no harm done. Play around with it. Cut it, sew it or add to it.

Fact #8: Take the time to look. Don't tell me you only go out shopping (pleasure shopping) for 30 minutes!

Here are some thrift store steals!

Cardigan-$1, Skirt-$3, Shoes-$5
Skirt-$1, Cardigan-$3, Belt-$1
Cardigan-$3, T-Shirt-$4, Skirt (cut off from dress)-$3

Cardigan- $1, Skirt-$1, Belt-$1  

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