Coffee Stains

So, I love painting. I collect canvases and paints. You can never have too much! ;)

I had one of my canvases laying out recently when I found a huge coffee stain on it. Rg! But then I started thinking..."That would be so cool!" ...and you are thinking "What would be so cool?"

Painting with coffee!!!

1. I just used my leftover coffee from that morning. 

2. I sprinkled coffee onto the canvas. I decided to make the base heavier with coffee stains, rather then covering the entire canvas.

3. I even used a coffee mug to paint rings of coffee stains onto the canvas. {Optional: Obviously}

Neutral colors ♥ and cheap at that! 

Here is another one I painted with coffee. 
I simply painted it all with a paint brush. Cool, huh?

You should try it! If you are a coffee drinker, you can always put your leftover coffee. Just put it into a cup and use it up to make a cute, chic picture you can now hang up in your house! 

God bless!
Mrs. S

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