Want Waves?

My hair is fine, thin, and slow growing. :( 

Lame, I know.

Well, I found a way to give my hair those perfect light waves! Yay! It stayed there ALL day long, also! 

Got to love a hair-do that holds!

First things first...

1. When your hair is damp, twist a bunch of small sections in the direction you would like your curls to go. (I made my curls go away from my face.)

2. Twist these twists together and into a low up do. As you can see below I just used a clip to hold my hair there.

3. Take it out of the clip before it is completely dry. 

I blow-dried my hair a LITTLE while it was up, then let it air dry after that. 

4. Don't touch your twists, but wait until they dry completely. Then run your fingers through them to pull them apart.


Mrs. S

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