It's My Birthday!

I am ever so grateful for all that G-d has done in my life. The wonderful things and the not-so-wonderful things, I am grateful for them all! I would not be who I am today without His impact on my life, heart, soul and mind. 

Today I am blessed with a loving husband (of almost 10 months now! eek!), a new home I can call my own, a first nephew whom I will spoil as often as I can, a mother and father in good health, flowers on our front porch, a new pet puppy (trouble-maker) and turtle, good neighbors, great friends, and a G-d who is overwhelmingly faithful, compassionate and merciful.

As my husband and I were having lunch at my favorite fast food restaurant, Zaxbys, we discussed our plans for the next five years. Oh boy! What a crazy journey we have ahead of us! My only hope and prayer is that I continue to put my G-d first, my husband and family second, my friends third and myself last. I hope to enjoy every moment as if it were my last. To never worry but instead rejoice. To work hard and to find beauty in all imperfections. 

For starters... I am going to enjoy these flowers that my husband gave me!!! ♥♥♥
...and the mint chocolates. :) 

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