Crafty Crafty Part II

Okay, so, this was my first attempt at transferring prints. It didn't turn out like I thought, but I still like it.

Here it is...

1. Print out a black and white photo. I used regular computer paper. It works just fine.

I used one of my sisters drawings and found that bold, dark photos work best. When I used this picture, the lighter half kind of disappeared. Like I said, first attempt.

2. Paint the canvas and place the photo face down, gently rubbing out all of the bubbles and bumps.

3. Let it dry. You will start to see it seeping through. The image, that is.

4. Next spritz it with some water. Too much water can destroy it. Then gently rub off until all the paper is gone. It's starting to look pretty cool!


Again, this was my first attempt. I learned that darker, bolder pictures will work better. The lighter colors in this picture were flushed out of my transfer. 

God Bless!
Mrs. S

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