The Vespers

I just had to write a post concerning The Vespers

I wasn't intending on providing you with a story, but I changed my mind. All because I can do so. :)

My husband and I live in a small town outside of Central Georgia. We wanted to check out the latest plays and shows performing at our local theatre. They put on some pretty great shows! We ran across a bluegrass band poster. Cadillac Sky. They are phenomenal, by the way! We had never heard of them, but a bluegrass concert sounded fun! So we went and were surprised by the honesty, purity, humor and religion they brought to the table. Let alone the talent! Oh my gosh! They are, by far, some of the most talented musicians I have ever heard. 

Cadillac Sky's front band was The Vespers. This group is formed of two sisters and two brothers. They are of college age, performing an angelic, folksy, and bluegrass style of sorts. Their music can give you the mellow mood you are searching for or it can brighten your day by bringing you a cheery face. I was amazed by their talent right away. Not that I have any right to judge, but they were wonderful! Ever since, my husband and I have been full supporters of both, Cadillac Sky and The Vespers.

Recently, The Vespers have given their fans a new album to listen to and enjoy. I have certainly been caught listening to their latest album The Fourth Wall all too many a time! I am SO addicted! So as you can see, I simply had to share!

Here are a few of their songs, folks. Listen and get addicted!

You can find them on SpotifyiTunes, and Amazon.


and Son House's original "Grinnin' in Your Face"

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