15 Ways to Re-Use Widowed Socks

A few days ago my dad wrote on my blog: "You'd be rich!" if you could come up with ways to re-use widowed socks. So here I am giving you ideas on how to re-purpose your widowed socks. That is, socks without a match. (Not at all in order to "get rich" but because I thought it was a cool idea!)

Through the help of Pinterest and Google, I found some pretty cool uses for socks! I was not able to find many uses for men, but for women, moms and decorators. If you have any ideas, please post them here by commenting and I will share your ideas!

1. Wine Bottle Cover : This cover costs $12.95 at I don't know about you, but I seriously think that this could be handmade at a fraction of the cost! You could make something similar for FREE with your own wandering sock!

2. Cozy for Planter : Ange from gives the idea of using a widowed sock for a cozy around a planter. How stinkin' cute is that!!

3. Just Hang 'Em Up : It's as simple as that! Have them out in the open, on display so that one day you will find its match! (An unknown source.)

4. The Sock Bun : The famous sock bun. It seems to be a big hit right now and this is definitely for the ladies! Use a widowed sock to give yourself a perfect round bun and when you take it out, your hair might just be in perfect curls! Morgan from has another tutorial for this up-do!

5. Snow Man Ornament : Sheri from Childmade gives us a great tutorial on how to make a snow man ornament out of socks! Make yourself an ornament for the Christmas tree! I'm sure after looking at her tutorial you can get even MORE ideas about ornaments!

6. Baby Rattles : Jill at Homemade by Jill has a easy-to-follow tutorial of home-made baby rattles! These are so cute!

7. Baby Mobile: Make a simple mobile out of unused or unwanted socks! Very quick tutorial here at (Courtesy of Family Fun Magazine) This idea is something I'd love to try in the near future! Maybe for baby #2! ;)

8. Sock Wreath : Becca shares with us on how to make a sock wreath! I never would have thought of this but it actually looks pretty cool! I don't know about you, but most of my socks are white and my husbands are black. A solid black or solid white wreath might actually look pretty neat! What do you think?

9. Sock Bouquet : I seriously want to put these in the nursery or in the study! A bouquet of flowers made from socks! Heather from How Does She? provides us with a great picture tutorial on how to make this! Check it out!

10. A Wire Cozy : This is for everyone, including men! Use a sock to hold your wires together. All those wires behind the computer desk you can now hold together with a sock! (Another tip, use the plastic clips/ties on bread bags to label your wires!) This tip needs no tutorial.

11. Bath Mat : Make this bath mat out of socks unused socks! It's looks pretty easy!

12. Another Wine Cozy : This wine cozy is so cute! Use a knee-high sock for this! 

13. Sock Vases : By Grace Bonney. Cover your vases with a sock to add color and texture! 

14. Use an old or widowed sock for dusting your house.

15. Washing/Drying your car.

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  1. love these ideas. We all need to do more of this.


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