A Few of My Favorite Things

As I am starting to feel like a normal human being again, I am starting to day dream as well. I can't wait for the day we get to paint all the walls in our house, our kitchen cabinets, pick out all my favorite colors and make them the soul of our home decor, and for my wardrobe to be complete with colorful dresses and cute shoes. What woman doesn't daydream about these things at some point?

I recently started a "Wish List" board on Pinterest. I love it, because I can add all my favorite (affordable and attainable) things that I hope to buy one day. I have albums for just about everything else, too, but this one is my most realistic board. I can actually buy these things at some point.

Here are some of my favorites that you may or may not see on my board!

 1. These stinkin' adorable sandals that I just found on clearance at Target. They are sold out of these shiny ones but here is their twin!

2. These pillows ("We Should Probably Cuddle Now" and "Dots") and these mugs ("Octopus" and "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That") from Society6. LOVE!

These Etsy finds:
3. This Custom Portrait via PrintableWisdom. They seriously have some amazing prints! Check them out! 4. This Play House Tablecloth via CoolSpacesForKids. I'd love to get this for Hannah and Baby #2!!! 5. This Sprout Maternity Shirt via Discobelly. (I also want a maternity shirt that says "Don't eat watermelon seeds" but I haven't found one yet! Do you know where I can find one?)

These Target finds:
6. This Xhilaration Blue Tribal Stripe Comforter. I love me some blue! 7. This Threshold Kennet Dinnerware Set in Buttercup. 8. This Room Essentials Oversized Textured Yellow Toss Pillow 9. This super cozy and cute aqua maternity top!

I'm normally not one to roam Anthropologie's website, but oh my goodness do I love their home products!!! 10. This mint Linan Corrigan Chair by Anthropologie and last but not least this 11. black and white Enmore Embroidered Duvet by Anthropologie

Have you discovered my favorite colors yet???

What are some of your favorites? What's on your wish list?

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