Being Honest

My kid is a brat super friendly.
She likes to pull and grab at kids. Constantly. It's really embarrassing and yea, really embarrassing. Not only is it she that's embarrassing, but me. My reaction or lack there of, is really embarrassing. What do you do with a kid that doesn't listen? Doesn't obey? Acts out even more if you try to discipline?


The one thing I do know, is that moms look at me. They see that in many instances I don't do anything. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the picture. I've kind of felt judged by some moms but I push it off and choose not to be affected by that. However, it never really hit me until recently that my reaction (or lack of) to Hannah's behavior might be the reason.

I don't have many people that will call me out in life, but for those that do, I am SO grateful!
A mom friend of mine called me today after praying about what to do. She wanted to share with me that (and these are not her exact words, this is the summary of my take on our amazing conversation) I need to remember that other moms may not always react well to the way I handle Hannah. That some moms may get mad that I sometimes "don't do anything" about her hitting their child or making their child cry.

Let me tell you where I'm at with Hannah.

She can be mean. Everything I try to do doesn't seem to work. So sometimes I almost want to give up and just let her figure it out. That's so bad, I know. I am in an experimentation mode. We're trying everything! What I've found that works for her best is ignoring the small things, praising the good things and distraction. I try not to stress over it because (1) I know that if it's something small, the children will be fine and (2) I will only make things worse if I stress. I'm sure that I've got some things "wrong" in my method of parenting right now, but one and only child is not even TWO yet! I have so much to learn! I haven't been responsible for this child but for 1.5 years. Please do not expect me to know everything just yet. Please! I will upset you and I will not reach your standards.

However, I DO want to apologize to all my friends and to all my mom friends and their children.
I sincerely apologize for my behavior in this season of life.
I have been clueless and tired and as a result, I have not been the disciplinarian I need to be with Hannah. Because of a true friend willing to confront me, I now recognize my behavior and I am slowly grasping what needs to change and I pray that God leads me in the right direction with it. I thank you all so much for being patient with me and with Hannah as we learn how to well...DO LIFE...together. I sincerely apologize for all the times Hannah has hurt your children if she has, and I apologize for all the times I sat back and did nothing. If it is in your hearts to forgive me, I beg of you to do so. Your friendships mean so much to me. Thank you for not taking anything out on Hannah. She has such a sweet and gentle heart but she has no idea how to express her love for you and your children.

Again, I ask your forgiveness as Hannah and I go through this phase of life. I now recognize what needs to change and I hope that you all continue to have patience with us as we learn what works best for us!

May God bring you peace and joy through the hardships of your life and may He fill your hearts with satisfaction in life!

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