Monday Fun Day

If my words are slurred and my speech sounds funny, it's simply because it's way past my bedtime! ;) 

I am so so so happy that this pregnancy depression stuff is gone! Seriously! Now I can get down to business and get our house back in shape! It's amazing what a home can look like when no one's deep cleaned in three months!

I've finally got my energy back! YAY!!!


So today started out like so... cleaning out our storage room. That picture to the far left, yea, all that went to the Salvation Army. A couple of boxes are filled with Hannah's baby clothes, the other is some stuff I need to go through and organize. After two or so hours, I finally finished!!! A clean storage room! Accessible and everything!!! ;)

I feel like I'm packing my car for college, haha! It's like it was just yesterday...

Hannah helping mommy pack her car with tons and tons of Salvation Army donations! She found my cup of coffee and thought it would be best suited on my drivers seat, hence the towel. I love this little girl! 

Hannah and I tried to run a few errands today, but sadly, some of our to-dos were closed for the day. We stopped by a friend's house and played in puddles while letting our little ones run around and use up some energy! This weather is lovely.
I spent hours today working on our kitchen, dining room, foyer, Hannah's room, our room, the bathrooms and our storage room. This pregnant lady has felt invincible today! Then my husband came home and I finally sat down. My hips are throbbing and I can hardly bend without grinding my teeth. My heels are so sore, I just want to soak them in a steaming hot bath. 

This is my next project. Cleaning and organizing my desk area. Am I the only one that makes my desk a "drop zone"???

I've been wanting to bake cookies for days now and my kitchen was finally clean enough, that today I got to bake some!!! I baked some Melt-In-Your-Mouth Sugar Cookies. They are so soft, several cookies crumbled right in my hand!  

And last, but not least, Chris bought us some pumpkins and I am so excited to have them out on our front porch! Now I just need some more mums to brighten things up! :)

Fall time is here, you guys!!! 

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