My Toddler Loves to Read

Let. Me. Tell. You.

My child LOVES to read! It's a great thing, however, 
it can be so flippin' annoying having to read the 
same three books over and over again!

I know that there are so many of you lovely mama's 
who are always trying to find new books for their little 
ones so I thought I'd share Hannah's current favorites!

Thank You God Series
Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
Walt Disney's Cinderella : Hannah apparently thinks that I am Cinderella! Haha!
Disney Cars Mater (similar books here)
Joseph's Book of Colors - The Beginners Bible
Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman: This is by far her most favorite book we own! We read every single page of this entire book every time we pick it up. This usually means fifty times a day, but you know, whatever the little one wants!
How Do I Love You by P.K. Hallinan
Elmo Loves You - Sesame Street
 Can You Say it Too? Woof! Woof! by Sebastian Braun: 
Hannah freakin' adores this book! She has been addicted 
to this board book for months!
 Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle: This is another very 
very favorite book of Hannah's. We read it over and over again, 
all day long. For reals. She loves to make all the sounds and 
name all the animals!
 Things To Learn When I Go to the Shops
 I Thank God For This Day - Veggie Tales: She loves this book! It probably has something to do with the fact that it's musical as well!
 Vader's Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown
 Read to Me Bible for Kids: She loves the pictures in this book! We talk about the stories through the pictures and I hope to one day really read through this book with her.
 Your Baby Can Read!: She absolutely loves these books but unfortunately they're not really for sale anymore. You can find them on Ebay mostly. She's loved these since she was close to one year old!
Baby Goofy Catches a Fish by Ann D. Hardy
I Love You Through and Through by Caroline Jayne Church: Hannah absolutely loves this book but I couldn't find it to take a picture of it! I'm so convinced of Church's books!

Potty by Leslie Patricelli: Hannah LOVES this book but 
she took it outside and I found it too late. It had been
 rained on for days. I'm so sad! She loved it so much!

Those are her favorites alright! It's a long list, but 
thankfully her library is large and I don't have 
to read the same three books every day, every hour! Haha!

Do your little ones have any favorites that are not
on my list? I'm sure there are many! Do please share! We are always looking to add to Hannah's collection!

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