To My Husband on His Birthday

To My Dearest Husband,
You da bomb!

Okay okay, I'll try to contain my excitement just a LITTLE. ;)

You turn 26 today, you old geezer! Just kidding! I can't believe you're older than me! By a few months, but still...

We've been through A LOT together. Oh my goodness, a lot! I don't regret a single moment! The good OR the bad. I cherish them both, for I know that God has used our many days to grow us. So no, I don't regret a single moment. I look forward to experiencing the rest of my life with you! I look forward to the good AND the bad times with you. You make it so easy to love life!

My favorite things about you are these:

1. How you laugh extremely loud at things when the moment has completely passed by, and it wasn't even that funny to begin with...
2. How to try to flirt with me whenever I'm trying to get chores done (it's a love-hate relationship with that anyways)...
3. Your smile!!!
4. Your eyes...those big blue eyes!!! <3 p="">
5. Your're so manly! ::tries to sound sexy::
6. I love the way you giggle when I'm trying to make you laugh by being a corny little dork!
7. I love how hard you work to perfect all that you do!
8. I love how open and loving and caring you are to all the people you meet!
9. I love how you WANT to hear what I have to say.
10. You are such a kid, and I love that because of that, you keep us young and spirited!
11. You try to creep on me while I'll writing blogs. (You're walking in right now and I'm trying to hurry up so you can't read over my shoulder...'cause you will!)
12. You encourage me daily. You never ever give up, on me or on anyone. 
13. You seriously love and fear Christ.



You are an incredible leader in our home and in our relationship. Sometimes you are a silent leader and other times you are bold. You don't fear me or this world, but instead you fear God. For that, I am so grateful! You fight for the Truth and for your family. You are such a good listener. Your heart is so welcoming! You're so eager to learn about everything and everyone! You are so spirited and carefree, yet you have an incredible wisdom that can only come from God. Your peaceful attitude overwhelms me daily. You are so stinkin' peaceful! 

You are so eager to love! You love to show love, especially the kind that stops other people in their tracks! You were made to be a teacher! (Some may not understand that statement, but you do, and that's all that matters.) I've seen the gentleness and patience you have with others. It amazed me to this day. You love to teach others because you have that same eagerness to learn and to love!

Your smile is seriously the most wonderful, inviting thing ever! 
You melt me whenever you smile at me! Really. You do.

Chris, you are an incredibly hard worker and I am so grateful and appreciative of your (His) provision. You work so hard and long without complaining. You are truly a great witness for Christ. I believe in you more than you could ever know! You are fully capable of accomplishing whatever you put your mind to! You've always been that way! Everyone who knows you would tell you the same thing!

I love you so much! You are so good to me. You are so sweet, gentle, patient, kind and forgiving. I NEED you in my life. Your attitude humbles me every day. I love your soft eyes, your comforting hands, your big arms that hold me so tightly and I love your extremely warm hugs! Your kisses are the best! I'm sorry that I don't tell you these things enough! You have me forever baby! I will be by your side forever and a day!

I am so proud of the man you have become over the years and I sincerely believe that God has SO MUCH MORE in store for you!!! I cannot wait to see what He does in your life! 


I stinkin' love you babe!!! 


  1. What a Godly, beautiful tribute to your dear husband, Stephanie. The three (soon to be 4!) of you are one of the best examples of a Christ-focused family that I have ever seen. You certainly cultivate in your lives something that I've never experienced in my own. I just want you to know that you inspire not only other young people but some of us older folks, too. Keep on bloggin'! --Aunt Beth

    1. Aw! Thank you so much! God is good, to Him be the glory! :) Love you!


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