What to Put on Your Baby Registry

So, you all know that I've got a little one due in March. I am so excited but at the same time I kind of forget that I'm pregnant. I guess having a toddler does that to you!

I have many friends who are pregnant as well, a few of who are first-time mommies! Yay!!! Since I have passed the halfway mark in my pregnancy, most of what I'm thinking about is what all we need this go 'round, what I used the most with Hannah, what I wish I used and what I realize now, I never needed. So since this is mainly what's been on my mind these days and since so many of my friends are expecting, I thought it would be nice to share about what you'll really need (Basics), what I actually used (Registry) and and what I wish I had used (My Registry NOW)!

All but two of these items are found at Target. I love my Target!

There are sooo many things that you will be buying your little one(s) 
but these are your basic and essential needs to start off with:

Diapers. I would register or ask for larger sizes, seeing as NB and size 1 are not used for very long!
Baby Lotion.
Baby Wash & Shampoo.
Teething Tablets or Orajel. Orajel worked best for us in the early months.
Baby Powder.
Diaper Rash Cream. We like Desitin and A+D. A couple of tubes go a long way.
Infant Tylenol.
Medical Kit.
Baby Caps. Unless it's the colder months, you will only need a couple to last you through the first couple of weeks to protect that little baby head!
Sleepers &/or Gowns. We preferred gowns over sleep-n-plays because we could easily get to the dirty diaper. No unbuttoning or unzipping, just lift and change!
Fitted Sheets. You can never have enough of Crib sheets, Pack-n-play sheets, Bassinet sheets, Changing table sheets...
Waterproof Mattress Pads. Crib, bassinet, pack-n-play...
Bottles. I could never have enough bottles. We used the Wal-Mart off-brand because they were cheap and they fit my Medella pump!
Nipples. It depends on your baby. Great answer, right? We used slow flow for a looong time and then eventually medium flow.
Burp Cloths. I prefer the 3-fold ones. They seem sturdier and last a lot longer. They used to be easier to find, but now a more simple burp cloth seems more popular.
Diaper Bag. I prefer the back pack style. I hated carrying around some massive shoulder bag, especially since it's always filled with everything you own for the baby. It gets heavy.
Boppy. Essential for the nursing and formula momma's!
Bath Tub.
Bottle Brush.
Towels & Wash Cloths. You only need one or two packs of the infant super soft kind. I prefer having more of the hardy kids pack.
Bibs. Some people use them, some people don't. I used them for a short period of time and after that, they were never touched again.

Basics for the Nursing Mama

Lansinoh. I cannot express it enough! You will NEED Lansinoh!!!
Breast Pump. You'll want to get out on date nights and this is definitely a MUST if you plan on doing that!
Storage Bags. I didn't use these. I am a stay-at-home mom and I could plan when I needed to pump in order to get out or run some errands. It wasn't necessary for me. Besides, bottles can last longer than you think!
Breast Pads.
Target's Nursing Bra. This bra from Target is the comfiest thing ever and I highly recommend buying this! It's awesome for at night when you're leaking everywhere but you HATE wearing bras to bed!
Nursing Cover. I didn't have one, I just used thin blankets. I regret it. Hannah would pull the blanket down constantly or pop out without warning and I was always terrified that I would flash someone. BUY a nursing cover! I love this one from Target, that way it can't be yanked off of me or pulled down past my chest.

What to Put on Your Registry
Other than the Basics listed above, there are so not so essential, 
yet still necessary items you'll want to put on your registry. Here's the list:

#1 Crib. Let's face it guys. You need a crib. At some point, you will need a crib. Here's a really cute one from Target--->Link here.
#2 Crib Mattress. 
#3 Changing Table.
#4 Changing Table Pad.
#5 Pack-n-Play (with bassinet). We used the bassinet as Hannah's bed for almost seven months. It worked well for us because we wanted to keep her in our room while I was still heavily nursing her and she grew so quickly that we almost got no use out of the traditional bassinet we borrowed. Pack-n-Play from Target.
#6 Baby Monitor. Think about whether or not you are going to have your infant in another room or not. We did not. We didn't co-sleep, but she slept in our room for over six months. We had no need for a monitor other than a basic one that we still use today. We use this monitor from Target.

#7 Stroller. I recommend the Chicco Liteway Stroller. It's similar to a  car seat carrier but can be used as a light weight stroller later on. I have loooved my stroller! It is so light weight and easier to fold, manage and carry. I loved that I could use it to carry her car seat as an infant and that it can still be used as her stroller now. It's very very compact and like I said, light weight! It's taller than an umbrella stroller and very comfortable for tall folks like me! :)
#8 Car Seat. Target car seat pictured above. Link here.
#9 Infant Carrier. This is something I wish that I had with Hannah. I had a sling and a basic carrier, but not a good one that we invested in. Invest in a good carrier. Try some on. Join a baby wearing group. Do your research. A friend of mine let me try her Lillebaby Carrier not too long ago. I even put Hannah in it (at 30 somethin' pounds) and it was comfortable! Hallelujah! A lot of carriers do not have good lumbar support (from my experience) and when trying out the Lillebaby Carrier, I could tell the difference. I'm getting it this go 'round!
#10 Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag - Back Pack. We were given a simply yet girly diaper bag before we had Hannah and as a gift to my husband, I bought this diaper bag. I thought it would be something that he wouldn't be embarrassed to carry around and I ended up LOVING it! It's so much easier to use than a giant purse! I found it easier to wear a back pack than carry all of her stuff on my shoulder.

#11 Head and Body Support Pillow. Essential. It will keep your precious and dainty little angel safe in his or her car seat! Can be found here at Target.
#12 Strap Covers. Can be found anywhere, but I love Target, so here's a link to Target ---> Strap Covers at Target
#13 Car Seat Canopy. I didn't have one of these with Hannah, but I can remember the countless times I threw a blanket over her entire car seat so that we wouldn't be cold, wet or blown away by the wind. I'll be investing in one this time.  
#14 Matching Decor. You will want everything to match eventually. Just sayin'. Even if it's just a color scheme, you'll want stuff to go together one day. Go ahead and register for it! I love this set at Target.

#15 Activity Mat. You will use this thing to it's death. Link here.
#16 Swing. You don't need a huge, hi-tech one. A basic will do. Most babies cannot tell the difference. We have one that is very similar to this one at Target.
#17 Bouncer. You will use it so often. Bouncers at Target.
#18 Exersaucer. Babies love this! Hannah played in it all the time, especially when I had stuff to do. I would plop her in it whenever I needed to take a shower or go to the bathroom or do some computer work. It's awesome. Target has some really cute ones ---> right here.

#19 Boppy. This is helpful for both nursing and formula feeding parents. It's the perfect pillow for your lap while holding your sweet baby, and goodness knows you'll be holding that baby a lot!
#20 Bumbo. This is also very helpful when feeding, doing chores, eating at the table together and whenever you just have a baby that likes to sit up. I used it all the time.
#21 Noise Maker. We never had one of these but from everyone I've heard, it's been a life saver. We just used our ceiling fan and humidifier for that. We might get one this round.
#22 Teethers. Yes, you need these. They will chew on something, anything they get their hands on! So go ahead and register for some! They have these really cool teething jewelry for infants at Target. I'm seriously debating buying a couple! 

#24 Bath Tub
#26 Baby Safety. 
#27 Cart & Highchair Cover.
#28 High Chair. We have used a space-saver high chair, simply because's a space saver! It's been awesome and makes for a good booster seat, too!

#29 Humidifier. You will use this so very often. Almost daily. 
#30 Wubbanub Pacifier. 
#31 Nosefrida Snot Sucker. You will get so much use out of this! My sister-in-law bought this for us and it has worked wonders! 
#32 Night Light or Lamp. It helps so you're not tripping over everything in your path.

#33 Pacifiers. I would suggest a wide selection of pacifiers. KEEP your hospital pacifier! For some reason, baby's love it! My Hannah has loved many a different pacifiers in her day. 
#34 Bottle Warmer. This comes in really handy, especially for those helping out with the baby. 
#35 Rocker or Recliner. I don't know about you, but I'm not a tiny little woman and my children was not tiny and never has been. Rockers and gliders have never had enough arm space for me and the wood arms are just uncomfortable. We have a recliner, not the one pictured here, but if I were to buy another one, THIS beautiful chair would be on my registry! It's so freakin' comfy and spacious! Trust me, you are going to be spending hours and hours rocking your baby and your husband will love you for this purchase as well! 
#36 Baby Gates.
For real, every so now and then I feel like we don't have enough baby gates. I love to put them up at the front and back doors so that I can open everything up on nice days and Hannah can't get out. More and more I realize that I really need to start keeping certain rooms baby-free, such as our bedroom. Our bedroom should be a sacred place that is kept fairly neat and clean. Although I love having my baby cuddle with us at night, sometimes it should just be baby-free. 
#37 Baskets for Organizing.


So, you might be wondering what's on MY registry for this baby #2. Well, I'm going to share it with you. A lot of what's on my registry is stuff I've lost, items that have been used to their full potential already or items that I really wish I had with Hannah.

I need:

A new car seat.
Strap covers (lost).
More fitted sheets.
More waterproof mattress pads.
More baskets for organizing the girl's room.
More teethers.
More gowns.
Baby caps (lost).
Head and body support (lost).
Activity mat (lost parts).
More hangers.
Bottle brush (lost).

I want:

More rings for the activity mat.
Lillebaby Infant Carrier (photo and link above).
Nursing Cover.
Night light.
Bedroom decor (like curtains and bed skirts).

So what's on YOUR registry?
What do YOU need for your new baby???

Did I miss anything? Let me know!

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