Traditions: Christmas Parade

I'm really hoping to start some traditions with our children...

1. the Christmas Parade
2. Putting up the tree and decorating it right after Thanksgiving
3. Viewing Christmas lights
4. Making our ornaments

...and there's a million other things, but you get the picture! I'm sure many of you are wanting to start some traditions soon!

Well, my mom and I took the kids (my daughter and my nephew) to the Christmas parade this year. I haven't been in many many years. I have always enjoying the crowds of people (surprising, introvert over here), the traditional hot chocolate and doughnuts, cozying up in blankets, the cool floats and my favorite of all, the high school bands!!!

It's all in the experience, really. It's not like it's going to blow you away every single year, but it's more about the memories. I loved seeing Hannah and my nephew light up when hearing the music! I loved seeing the joy on their faces when they saw the men riding around in little cars! It's the little things that make it so exciting!

The parade started out alright. As in, my kid stayed pretty still for a few minutes. Eventually she started to run. I mean RUN! This preggo momma could not take it. I was literally having to run after her to catch her. She just didn't seem to get it. How dangerous it could be running away from me like that. I almost gave up and took her home. She just giggled as she saw me running after her. She thought it was hilarious!

People would just laugh and say "oh, there she goes again" and would stand by and watch. Thanks. A couple of times people would grab her for me before she could get too far but good grief! My little girl can run!

That was honestly pretty much all that happened. The bands played at the beginning and at the end and that was my favorite part! Hannah was a stinker toot and ran away from me every five to ten minutes. The kids then decided to have a screaming match in the car (I won by the way) as we were leaving which gave me a killer headache. My little lady crashed only a few minutes into our trip back home and took a good nap once we arrived. My nephew was a sweetheart the entire time and stayed in the same spot pretty much. Maybe Hannah will one day take a lesson from him and enjoy the show instead of acting out and BEING the show! Haha! Oh well, I'm proud of my feisty strong-willed daughter. It will serve her well in due time!

How about you??? Do you have any holiday traditions?

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