Creative Session: Carlton Dawson

Carlton and I have known each other for almost four years now and all because of college here in Americus. Carlton is RIDICULOUS and when I say ridiculous, I mean he is extremely talented. He sings like no other person I know. I could learn so much from him. He is also an amazing dancer, and if I am correct, he teaches hip hop (maybe some other classes, too?).
He had mentioned months ago how do a "shoot" would be a lot of fun, but we never really got around to it. However, we were finally able to plan a day to do this! :) We took photos out in his backyard (it was beautiful, by the way) at about ten or so in the morning. It was incredible lighting and plenty of nature to roam!

Thank you Carlton SO much for helping me out! I learned a lot through this session all thanks to you!

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