Easy Snacks: Frappuccino

Any of my friends and family could tell you how much I love frappuccinos. I can't get enough of them. I drink them when I crave coffee and I drink them when I want a snack. I love them. (Maybe not the best addiction, but hey!)

Anyways, I created my own "frappuccino."

Here are the instructions (super easy):

1. Make your coffee fairly strong. (For all you coffee makers, this is easy.)
2. Put your coffee into a cup or a jar and put it in the fridge. Let it cool down. (I usually make my coffee, then put it in the fridge overnight.)
3. Using a blender or a magic bullet, mix with your cold coffee: ice cream (whatever flavor you want) and a little bit of milk.

I usually make mine with vanilla ice cream because chocolate ice cream is a little too sweet for me. However, I still put some chocolate syrup in it because I still love chocolate! :)
Voila! My "frappuccino!"
For those of you wanting to make a less fattening version:

Try making your coffee weaker and simply use less ice cream. :)

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