Let me tell you about Rachel!

I have this AMAZING best friend and her name is Rachel.

Rachel and I got to know each other through a youth group during our senior year in high school. We became close friends almost immediately, although, I hardly remember how it happened. Haha! All I know is, she is possibly the ONE person that truly understands EVERYTHING I go through in life. Wow. That's rare.

Rachel and I have gone through A LOT together. I could not count out the many times we have faced life difficulties together. My home is her home and her home is my home. We are family and she truly is my sister. We spend basically every day together whenever I am in town, seeing as I live about an hour away now. So far, we talk almost every day on the phone.

God has really used her to grow me, and vice versa. We both are hard-headed but at the same time feel all mushy inside when it comes to children. Rachel likes to bake while I like to cook. Rachel has compassion while I have lacked such concern. I am bold and honest, Rachel is learning to be honest. Rachel is active, while I am a home body. Rachel is funny almost all the time, while I struggle with being too serious. Neither one of us is fond of drama. Rachel leans more towards the "worrier" side of the fence while I need to care a little bit more than I do. Rachel wakes me up in the morning with singing and dancing. I keep Rachel up all night by talking her ear off. You think I'm kidding? She wakes me up at 6AM and I keep her up until 2AM. We have loads of fun when we are together. We cause a lot of ruckus at times. However, we also have a TON of real deep, meaningful conversations. Conversations that really convict and bring the Truth front and center. God is definitely the center.

Some of the biggest reasons I love Rachel: Her heart is RIDICULOUS! She may fall, but she acknowledges the Truth as she is fighting to stand back up. She reminds people of their beauty and perfection with her words and actions. She truly is a servant. She knows more than any other person her age (that I know of anyway). She looooves to make people happy. In fact, just yesterday she said that when I come home we are going to get coffee and go to Books A Million to read craft magazines. :) She knows me too well! ...and all the while, she's waiting for me to ask her to play disc golf, I just know it! ;) Rachel truly amazes me with how much she KNOWS...and I mean, truly KNOWS...God's Truth. She holds me accountable in all areas, my attitudes, my openness, my reading of the Word and my chores. Everything. She reminds me of God in all that she does. Which is AWESOME.

Anyway... God has convicted me lately about how I should treat Rachel as I do all my other clients. Rachel is amazing in that she has been my "quinea pig" for years now when it comes to photography. I think that God has taught her patience through all our explorations! Haha! She is the one who is always there if and when I want to practice photography. However, I rarely ever touch or show you any of her pictures. So! I, Stephanie Strasburger, will be posting a blog soon and an album on my website Sunshine Photography holding the many faces of Rachel Parish! I cannot wait for you all to catch a glimpse of possibly the most wonderful woman on the face of the earth! She is truly wonderful and an INCREDIBLE blessing to me! God has done SO MUCH in me through her. Praise Jesus!

Thank you Rachel so much for being such a loving and caring person! Youuuuu light up my liiiiiiife! <--- I was singing just then. :) You are truly wonderful. Seriously a beautiful woman. A warrior princess. :) I love you!

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