Senior Session: John

It was an honor to meet John. Truly an honor. John's sister, Laura, contacted me about a week earlier to ask if I could take her brother's senior portraits and of course I agreed! I was not sure what this session would entail, honestly. I have had little practice with shooting a male figure, so I was a little nervous (silly, I know). I cannot account for John and his sister Laura, but I know that I had a blast!

John is such a sweet kid. He had such a cheerful spirit about him. Truly a joy to capture! He brought out his beautiful accoustic guitar during a certain part of the session and played a little as I took pictures of him. Good grief! I do not recall telling him how amazing he was, but I guarantee you if I were not so focused my jaw would have dropped! His playing guitar was absolutely beautiful.


John, I have no doubt that God is going to do so much through you (even though he already is). Keep up the good work and hold on to your passions. I truly believe you will reach great heights!

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